US, EU Patent Offices Recognize Loki Innovation with Utility Patent

The US patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Loki a utility patent for its Loki Mitt™ design.

Loki LLC's innovative approach to apparel design has been recognized and protected at the highest levels of government. The US patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Loki a utility patent for its Loki Mittâ„¢ design. Meanwhile, the European Patent Office issued acceptance for patents on both the LOKI Mitt & Loki Face Shieldâ„¢ designs for the EU.

The US patent, along with soon to be issued European Union patent (pending in Japan and elsewhere), gives Loki broad protection of design concept and function of its unique Mitt and Face Shield. The invention pertains to upper body garments such as coats, jackets, vests or shirts with integrated headwear and handwear.

The Loki Mittâ„¢ patent covers both the integration of the mitt into all Loki jacket sleeves as well as the Access Mitt, which is a stand-alone accessory. Both iterations of the Loki Mittâ„¢ enable the wearer to either have their hands fully covered and protected from the cold or, by folding back the end of the Mitt, expose the fingers when fine manual dexterity is required.

The Loki Face Shield is incorporated into the hood of all Loki jackets. The Face Shield is cleverly attached at each end to the inside of the hood. In particularly inclement weather, the Face Shield can be worn to cover and insulate the nose, mouth and or neck of the wearer. When not in use, the Face Shield may be comfortably stowed in the hood of the jacket.

Loki founder Seth Anderson said that while Loki generally trusts its competitor's integrity and is flattered by the interest in its design concepts, the patent gives this small, ten-year-old company protection to develop and sell products with these unique features in all major world markets.

At present, there are no plans to license the Loki innovation to other apparel manufacturers. This latest patent joins one Loki already received in 1998 for its Loki hat design. The Loki 3-in-1 hat can be worn as a hat, facemask or gaiter.

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