Marquette Backcountry Receives Patent

Marquette Backcountry has been awarded a patent for their original design of a sliding ski/snowshoe hybrid. The patent signals recognition of a new concept and category in outdoor recreation.

Marquette Backcountry has been awarded a US design Patent (#D649611) for their original design of a sliding ski/snowshoe hybrid.

“A patent signals many things, not in the least that the Marquette Backcountry ski is an original design,” said David Ollila, founder of Snapperhead Inventions, and inventor of the Marquette Backcountry ski. “It also signifies confidence in establishing a new category that easily opens recreational experiences to the masses with a reasonably priced, durable, functional ski/snowshoe hybrid. They get people outdoors doing healthy activities and help drive US economic development.”

With applications filed in Canada and Europe, the Marquette Backcountry ski is poised to add to US manufacturing and open a new category of sliding snowshoes or rugged touring to snow sports and mainstream audiences.

The MBS is sourced entirely in Michigan, USA (except for insurance and this press release).

Made out of polypropylene, glass, silicone and brass, this hybrid goes uphill and down (without skins), works on a variety of slopes, has zero material waste and is 100% recyclable. MSRP Only $189.


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Marquette Backcountry offers a “1 Season” Warranty and 30% discount Lifetime Replacement.

About Marquette Backcountry

Marquette Backcountry is a Snapperhead Inventions brand, established in November of 2009 to create high quality, easy-to-use consumer goods and services for outdoor and action sports enthusiasts.