Expand The Ski Season On Either End

The Marquette Backcountry ski makes skiing early and late season accessible and fun. Easily climb uphill without skins, and glide effortlessly downhill using early rise tips and the zero camber bases that allow you to squeeze through tight spaces.

Twitterpitch: #ski earlier and later in the season w new Marquette Backcountry “Ski”, even on thin snow (http://pitch.pe/181233)

Marquette, MI (October 17, 2011) Dilemma: Enough snow to make you want to ski, but not enough snow to take those expensive new sticks out.Solution: Marquette Backcountry “ski”.

The burly, blow-molded form of the Marquette Backcountry ski easily takes on early and late season thin conditions. The early-rise tips and zero-camber bases float over obstacles, and the shorter length and sidecut radius mean you can squirrel between trees or into tight spots that might otherwise be covered with snow.

No chairlift?No problem. Low profile macro fish-scales about the size of a quarter provide good bite on the uphill, but allow smooth glide for the down.

The MBS is sourced entirely in Michigan, USA (except for insurance and this press release).

Made out of polypropylene, glass, silicone and brass, this hybrid:

·Goes uphill and down (without skins)

·Works on a wide variety of slopes

·Is extremely rugged

·Zero material waste

·100% recyclable

·Floats over obstacles

·30-day return: Unused skis can be returned within 30 days of purchase

·Incredible “1 season” warranty

·MSRP Only $189

Boot and binding selection will produce different experiences on the MBS. Because user expectations and needs vary widely, the MBS is built to accept many different bindings that accommodate specific end-uses, such as mountain approaches, surfing powder stashes, or cross- country cruising. A stiffer boot/binding combo will provide more of a “ski” experience, while a softer boot/binding will be closer to a snowshoe feel.


Marquette Backcountry Website: http://www.marquette-backcountry.com/

Marquette Backcountry Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marquette.backcountry

VIDEO:Marquette Backcountry: http://www.youtube.com/marquettebackcountry

VIDEO: Skiing Mad River Glen in May: http://www.adventureskier.com/2011/05/13/video-almost-mothers-day/

Online press release: http://pitch.pe/181233

Marquette Backcountry offers a “1 Season” Warranty and 30% discount Lifetime Replacement.

About Marquette Backcountry

Marquette Backcountry is a Snapperhead Inventions brand, established in November of 2009 to create high quality, easy-to-use consumer goods and services for outdoor and action sports enthusiasts.