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Introducing the Marquette Backcountry “Ski”

Part ski, part snowshoe, all fun, The Marquette Backcountry ski combines the climbing ease of a high-quality snowshoe with the glide of a basic backcountry ski, for a fun and efficient way to enjoy the wintry wilds in your neck of the woods.

You can’t make a mountain out of a molehill, but now you can ski the molehill AND the mountain. Introducing the Marquette Backcountry “ski”, a durable, simple and inexpensive backcountry ski that climbs and descends easily and without compromise, over a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions.

Opening up unprecedented winter access and fun to an entirely new market of consumers, (or a great ski for your quiver) the Marquette Backcountry ski (MBS) combines the climbing ease of a high-quality snowshoe with the glide of a basic backcountry ski, making it a fun and efficient way to enjoy the wintry wilds in your neck of the woods: part Ski, part snowshoe, all fun.

Easily shuffle up and slide down snow covered terrain, through tight trees and downfall, down river embankments or neighborhood bowls. Whether you’re a seasoned skier sessioning a backcountry haunt well after snow conditions have scared others off, or a beginning skier just looking to get outside, walk the dog or explore the forest, or even the avid snowshoer looking to go a bit faster, the MBS will take you there.

The MBS is cut, measured, weighed and flexed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality. Hollow “girder” construction saves weight yet retains structural integrity.

Low profile macro fish-scales about the size of a quarter provide good bite on the uphill, but allow smooth glide for the down. Blow molded, the zero-camber bases produce fantastic deep snow flotation, while the short length and sidecut radius create confident steering. Early rise tips almost never dive, and float well, even in poor quality snow.

The MBS is sourced entirely in Michigan, USA (except for insurance and this press release).

Made out of polypropylene, glass, silicone and brass, this 100% recyclable ski-shoe hybrid:

·Goes uphill and down (without skins)
·Is extremely rugged
·Works on a wide variety of slopes
·Zero material waste and 100% recyclable
·Inspires confidence for those who have never been on skis
·30-day return: Unused skis can be returned within 30 days of purchase
·Incredible “1 season” warranty
·MSRP Only $189

Boot and binding selection will produce different experiences on the MBS. Because user expectations and needs vary widely, the MBS is built to accept many different bindings that accommodate specific end-uses, such as mountain approaches, surfing powder stashes, or cross- country cruising. A stiffer boot/binding combo will provide more of a “ski” experience, while a softer boot/binding will be closer to a snowshoe feel.


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Maruquette Backcountry offers a “1 Season” Warranty and 30% discount Lifetime Replacement.

About Marquette Backcountry

Marquette Backcountry is a Snapperhead Inventions brand, established in November of 2009 to create commercialized goods and services for outdoor and action sports enthusiasts.


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