Opedix Knee Support System Patent Allowed

Opedix Wellness Gear announces their patent application for the Knee Support System has been allowed and will issue by the end of Q1.

Opedix is pleased to announce today that their patent application for the Knee Support System has been allowed and will issue by the end of Q1.

The Opedix patent claims cover a unique garment with a built in “Knee Support System". The Opedix Knee Support System uses a proprietary non-stretch fabric in a banding system that aligns the knee joint better without restricting the knee cap's natural movement. This improved alignment helps increase stability and reduces wear and tear of the knee joint. The garment also utilizes compression to help reduce fatigue in muscles and optimize performance. The Opedix garment is useful for people of all skill levels and sports of all kinds, including skiing, running, climbing, hiking, skating - any activity where the user wants increased knee joint stability without sacrificing performance.

Tested and proven effective at the world-renowned Steadman Hawkins Research Foundation, the Opedix Knee Support System combines technology and comfort into a piece you'll want to wear every time you exercise.

How the Opedix Knee Support System works: When the foot makes contact with the ground during physical activity, the forces exerted want to push the knee joint to the outside, creating wear points on the inside of the knee joint, where the most of the “load” is borne. Using proprietary fabrics designed specifically for comfort and support, the Opedix Knee Support System utilizes a patent-pending anchor and sling design to provide support to the outside of the knee, which reduces the amount of damaging outward movement and decreases the stresses or “load” on the knee joint. “Unloading” is the mechanical process by which stresses on the joint are reduced, and is an established strategy for reducing pain, increasing function, strength and stability of the knee joint, and mitigating the progression of knee related issues, including osteoarthritis.

The Opedix Knee Support System S1 and R1 models also use compression as a stabilizing force, and to keep muscles fresher longer. The underlying tights are breathable, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial/microbial, machine washable and comfortable.

The Opedix Knee Support System is available in men's and women's ski, snowboard and running/walking specific styles. The S1 and R1 models are also available in lightweight and midweight fabrics for comfort in any climate.

Opedix is an Official Supplier to the National Ski Patrol and is endorsed by the Vail Snowsports School. All Opedix products are designed, sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Longworth Industries is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor to retail for Opedix Wellness Gearâ„¢.

Opedix designs and produces Wellness Gearâ„¢, products to keep active people active and doing what they love to do for longer in life. Opedix manufactures lab tested, Evidence-Based Apparelâ„¢, offering real, non-surgical options for increasing joint efficiency and strength while decreasing pain and the degenerative effects of misaligned knees and poor posture. For more technical information, log onto http://www.opedix.com or contact Alli Noland, Terra Public Relations, 307-699-4572 or allinoland@terrapublicrelations.com.


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