TripTarp© Secures Crowdfunding Goal; Ramps Up Production Of TripTarp, An Organizational Tool For Backpackers

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Craig C. Rowe
Founder, CEO

TRUCKEE, CA — TripTarp©, LLC., is excited to announce that it is has secured more than its $32,000 in pre-sale capital through a crowdfunding effort on, a popular platform for pre-ordering products before manufacturing.

The company will use the proceeds to ramp up production of TripTarp for Backpacking, the outdoor gear industry's first multi-purpose backpacking tarp specifically designed for gear organization and trip planning.


The Original TripTarp© for Backpacking is a patent-pending, 5' x 7', 70-denier silnylon tarp embedded with a categorized gear list and corresponding Flex-Zones™ on which to physically organize essential gear needed for backcountry travel.

The company is planning to focus heavily on the shelves of independent specialty retailers because of their employees' innate understanding of what hikers need, and how TripTarp overlaps directly with that wisdom.

Production is expected to begin this month and delivery is estimated for spring 2017.


"Kickstarter is actually simply pre-selling a product. Those who backed TripTarp are merely buying it in advance, which lets me know that there's a need in the market for a more secure, confident way to prepare for the backcountry," said TripTarp® inventor and Truckee resident, Craig C. Rowe.

The company is planning to focus heavily on the shelves of independent specialty retailers

TripTarp© is aiming to help backpackers reduce instances of forgetting gear, which jeopardizes safety and minimizes the backcountry experience. Backpackers no longer have to make a new list for every trip location or when seasons change.

"As I stated before, this is a product ideal for independent outdoor gear shops. They know what gear people need, and TripTarp can help retailers sell more backpacking gear," Rowe added.

About TripTarp, LLC
Founded in 2014 and based in Truckee, CA, TripTarp, LLC has been developing its flagship product, The Original TripTarp© for Backpacking, for more than two years. TripTarp, LLC was launched by Craig C. Rowe, a writer and commercial backpacking guide, to help beginners and experts be more confident every time they leave a trailhead, pack the car, or check a bag. TripTarp® advocates for accessible adventure, helping people understand the relationship between trip planning and the quality of their wilderness experience.

TripTarps�� for Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Camping, Surf Travel, Triathlons, Mountain Biking, and Backcountry Ski & Snowboarding are also in various stages of design.

TripTarp©. You don't need everything, just everything you need.™


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