Trayvax Launches “Earn Your Story” Initiative


Bellingham, WA -- TrayvaxⓇ, a US-based manufacturer of slim wallets and outdoor accessories, is pleased to announce the launch of its Earn Your Story™ initiative. Trayvax is collecting real stories and anecdotes from people who have struggled and persevered against all odds, only to land back on their feet and succeed.

“We’ve heard some pretty amazing stories of hard-work, dedication, determination and sacrifice,” said Gerald Craft, marketing and communications manager. “From stories of middle-class Americans having jobs outsourced overseas to tales of tenacious, old mountain men enduring the hardships of Mother Earth. We’ve all had to struggle at one point and we want to celebrate overcoming that adversity and coming out on top.”

Trayvax has completed a series of videos and blog posts celebrating customers and staff members who have pushed through discomfort and misery, knowing that good things would eventually happen. These are the stories of everyday, hard-working Americans who have had to earn the fruits of their labor.

“Part of the Trayvax mission statement is to ‘drive a greater love of the outdoors to humankind’,” said Craft. “We feel the Earn Your Story videos and blog posts will help inspire others and prove that through dedication, determination and sacrifice, there is nothing that can hold us down.”

To view the latest videos and blog posts in the Trayvax Earn Your Story series, visit:

About Trayvax
TrayvaxⓇ is a US-based manufacturer of minimalist wallets and outdoor accessories. All products are hand-crafted and serve as a reminder to get outdoors and Earn Your Story™. It’s this greater love of the outdoors and to humankind that inspires every Trayvax design. The company’s skilled teams of artisans and craftsmen continuously improve and refine designs to ensure enduring products that last a lifetime. Completely sourced and Made in the USA, Trayvax wallets and accessories are built to be passed down to future generations, not landfills. That’s the Trayvax guarantee.

Gerald Craft
Marketing & Communications Manager