Today’s Plan Improves Training Experience for Millions of Garmin Users


Today’s Plan unlocks functionality in your Garmin you likely never even knew about

(May 10, 2016) Canberra, Australia — With its unmatched Garmin integration, Today’s Plan continues it’s commitment to making structured, power-based, training more accessible than ever before to riders of all levels. By allowing users to download their structured workouts directly to their Garmin, Today’s Plan is able to offer riders a plug-and-play solution for a guided workout experience, right on their bars. Whether it’s an threshold test test, hill repeats, or VO2 max intervals, riders can automatically sync their workouts to their Garmin and receive both audible and on-screen prompts to take them through the workout from warm-up to cool-down.

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“Our goal is to make structured training accessible and easy for every rider, whether they have their own coach or use our online Training System, so being able to follow detailed workouts on their Garmin cycle computer is an important feature in achieving this goal” says Ben Bowley, CEO of Today’s Plan.

Based in the cycling capital of Australia, Canberra, the company began offering its comprehensive training system for cyclists in late 2014 and have continued to expand their coaching and analytical tools. Offering a scientifically based, tailored training system that is able to suit the goals of any rider, regardless of ability, Today’s Plan has become an indispensable tool to thousands of coaches and cyclists who use it on a daily basis.

About Today’s Plan

Headquartered in Canberra, Australia, Today’s Plan is an advanced training and analytics platform for coaches, athletes and everyday riders. It was formed in 2014 with the vision of making the same high quality sports science, analytical tools and sensor technologies that are used by leading teams available to the everyday cyclists and their coach. Important to coaches and riders is the efficiency the platform provides in managing data including multi-rider analysis, coach-to-athlete communication, connected device management, and extensive online support tools for riders of all levels.