Sierra Designs turns 50, celebrates with launch of 50th Anniversary Elite Collection


Offering some of the most technologically advanced backpacking gear yet, the 50th Anniversary Elite Collection continues mission to obsolete the status quo

SD Logo- 2014

BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) – Sierra Designs is celebrating 50 years of innovative product development with the introduction of the new for 2015 50th Anniversary Elite Collection of shelters, sleeping bags, and apparel. This collection represents some of the lightest, smartest, and best performing backpacking gear yet created by the recently relaunched brand.

Using new tent geometries to maximize living space while minimizing weight, adding ultralight materials to the award-winning Backcountry Bed, and incorporating apparel designs that focus more on ventilation than ineffective waterproof / breathable materials, Sierra Designs has again raised the bar for how backpacking gear should perform.

“We are exceedingly proud of our new 50th Anniversary Collection because we have really created something that’s better and different than what’s already out there,” said Michael Glavin, VP and Brand Manager for Sierra Designs. “The days of settling for backpacking gear that is overbuilt yet underperforming are over and we’re leading the charge. We wanted to celebrate our 50th in style and we thought what better way than by raising the bar for the second time in two years.”

Comprised of three major categories, this collection includes the Tensegrity Elite tent line, the Backcountry Bed Elite 850 sleeping bag, and the Elite Cagoule and Chaps rainwear collection.

To honor the principle of ‘tensional integrity’ for which it is named, the Tensegrity Elite tents represent an aggressive reimagining of non-freestanding tent design. With lighter builds that offer more living space than any comparable tent, our Tensegrity Elite tents are the ultimate choice for serious backpackers. Using only two trekking poles, one included pole, and seven tent stakes to pitch, these tarp tents are light and sturdy while offering a ton of interior space. Thanks to this unique configuration, Tensegrity Elite tents are wider at the top than at the bottom, giving backpackers extra space where it’s needed most, making them far more comfortable to use.

SD Tensegrity 2 Elite

Building on the foundation laid by our wildly popular Backcountry Bed, Sierra Designs is introducing the Backcountry Bed Elite for 2015. Designed to obsolete the restrictive and confining mummy-style sleeping bag, the Backcountry Bed Elite features a completely zipperless design, an oval entry/exit opening on the top, an integrated comforter, and hands-free foot vent for supreme comfort and ease of use. Differing from current Backcountry Beds and weighing in at a scant 1lb, 9oz, this ultralight, ultra-compressible bag is built with 850-fill DriDown™, a 10D nylon liner, and a 15D nylon taffeta shell.

SD Backcountry Bed Elite 850

Effective rainwear keeps the rain out, but no membrane breathes well enough to keep up with the rate at which your body creates heat and sweat during exertion. When rainwear is necessary, the Sierra Designs Cagoule and Chaps look beyond the “breathability” of a membrane and offer unique physical venting for added comfort and longer lengths for real protection.

Designed to work more like an umbrella and less like a plastic bag, our Elite Cagoule is an ultralight (6oz), thigh length jacket that focuses more on active ventilation to help keep you drier from the inside out. The longer length keeps your lap and seat from getting soaked while a unique Hip Belt Vent supplies fresh air to your torso while wearing a pack.

SD Elite Cagoule and Chaps

An ideal companion to our Elite Cagoule jacket, our new Elite Rain Chaps keep your legs dry while enhancing ventilation for outstanding comfort on rainy backcountry days. Consisting of two separate pieces (one for each leg), this system hooks easily to your pockets or belt loops, providing rain protection only where you need it while keeping your lap and seat uncovered for maximum ventilation and comfort.

The new 50th Anniversary collection will debut at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, August 6-9, 2014 in booth number 28017. For an appointment to see the line, please contact Scott Kaier at

About Sierra Designs:
Sierra Designs was born in 1965, at the beginning of the golden age of backpacking and climbing. Today, our rebellious crew of industry vets and young innovators is on a mission to fundamentally redefine how we live in the backcountry. We create outdoor solutions from equal parts common sense and uncommon thinking. Our outdoor products are all specifically designed for backpacking, not for hype or excess.