Polartec Files Patent Infringement Case


Lawrence, Mass. - Polartec, LLC has filed a patent infringement complaint with the German District Court Duesseldorf against Pontetorto S.P.A. and its German sales agent, Christian Weichert Internationale Textilvertretungen GmbH.

The complaint specifically alleges that the defendants have infringed and continue to infringe European Patent No. EP 1 312 710 B1 licensed exclusively to Polartec, that is directed to grid-back, knit construction textiles by the sale of Pontetorto’s Technostretch products. In addition to monetary damages for patent infringement, Polartec’s lawsuit seeks an injunction preventing the sale of infringing products.

“Innovation is the essence of the Polartec brand. Developing differentiated textile solutions and driving the entire industry forward requires a level of infrastructure and investment far in excess of the commitment from so-called fast followers,” states Gary Smith, Polartec CEO. He continues, “Anytime someone takes our proprietary designs and asks another mill to ‘make it cheaper’, they are damaging our ability to innovate in the future and undermining the desire of innovators and designers everywhere to invest in bringing great ideas to market.”

Polartec, LLC invented modern synthetic fleece and holds over 135 patents worldwide. Polartec is committed to defending its intellectual property through any legal means available.

 About Polartec, LLC

Polartec, LLC is the premium provider of innovative textile solutions. Since inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981, the engineers at Polartec have continued to push the limits of fabric technology. Today, Polartec supplies the world with the most advanced fabric innovations. Polartec products range from advanced lightweight wicking fabric, to insulation and weather protection textiles and are utilized by leading apparel brands, the U.S. military and other global militaries, flame resistance, work wear, and contract upholstery markets. For more information, visit polartec.com.