Platypus® Meets Core Mountain Bikers’ Needs with Specialized Women’s Packs


Platypus today announced the launch of two women’s hydration packs specifically designed for all-mountain and cross-country mountain bike riders. The new Siouxon™ (Sue-sonn) and B-Line™ packs join a successful Platypus hydration pack line designed to meet the increasingly specialized needs of today’s riders.

 Platypus Siouxon

Platypus Siouxon

At Platypus’ headquarters in Seattle, just miles away from lush evergreen mountain bike trails, there is no shortage of hardcore female riders who know what they want and need out of a hydration pack. Not finding what they need on the market, Platypus paired these riders with a pack designer who specializes in women’s fit. Together they tested and scrutinized every women’s pack out there before designing two perfect packs that offer the fit, comfort, and features needed to keep up with core riders who hit the trails whenever they can.

In the all-mountain Siouxon and cross-country B-Line packs, Platypus added several design features to address common fit issues: the ergonomic pack shape and shoulder straps suit a women’s body perfectly, sternum straps are highly adjustable so women of all shapes and sizes can place them where they like, and shoulder straps are made with compressible foam wrapped in soft fabric, replacing conventional-bound edges that can scratch and chafe tank top-clad riders. The packs also feature angled hip belts to spread loads evenly around the waist, eliminating pressure points on hips and the lower back.

These new women’s packs are built for a specific riding style and named after northwest mountain bike trails loved by Team Platy’s female riders. They will be shown at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, and will be available for purchase online and at retail stores in January 2014. 

  • Siouxon: The 10-liter Siouxon pack is an all-mountain pack designed for women who ride everything and who are always ready for another lap. It’s built to fit like it’s not there and it’s made to ride all day. The pack features a carry system for a full-face helmet and pads, and a dedicated eyewear pocket. It includes a 2.0L Big Zip LP Reservoir, magnetic hose retention, and reservoir hang hooks.
  • B-Line: The 8-liter B-Line pack is the ultimate cross-country pack designed for women who love long climbs and flowing single track. It combines a female-tailored suspension with XC features like gel pockets and pump sleeve. It includes a 2.0L Big Zip LP Reservoir, magnetic hose retention, and reservoir hang hooks.

About Platypus®

Seattle-based Platypus has been the market leader in flexible and modular hydration products for over a decade, designing easy-to-use, taste-free products for optimum performance. Unmatched versatility and quality define Platypus’s BPA- and phthalate-free bottles, hands-free hydration systems, weatherproof hydration packs and the GravityWorksTM pump-free, fast-flow gravity water filter system. The majority of Platypus® products are made in the Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit