Panoptx Eyewear Launches 2007 Speed Series

Taku Exudes Masculine Appeal; Zephyr Augments Women’s Collection; Whirlwind Added to Velocity Series

Panoptx, a leader in high-performance eyewear for motorcycle, marine, optical and snow sport channels, today unveiled its 2007 Speed Series line with the introduction of two new styles, the Taku and Zephyr. Designed for sports enthusiasts looking for additional protection, Speed styles offer the added advantage of an EVA air dam eliminating 75% of wind and glare. In the Velocity series, engineered for consumers looking for the highest level of performance, Panoptx introduces Whirlwind, featuring Panoptx' patented Orbital Sealâ„¢ eyecup with a 100% seal and filtered vents to manage airflow. When consumers don't need the protection of a full eyecup, it can be easily removed, creating a stylish sunglass.

The full-wrap Taku sports a thicker air dam providing a better seal versus what ordinary sunglasses offer. Bold frame colors appeal to the fashion forward male, while the medium to large face fit accommodates a wider variety of shapes. Zephyr, available in “trend-right” Bone, fits smaller faces and joins the Avanti and Gale, popular women's styles. All have the new revamped EVA air dam, keeping wind and glare at bay and deflecting 75% of airborne irritants, peripheral glare and wind.

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Taku is available in Horn, Glossy Black, and Charcoal, MSRP: $75.00-$175.00. Zephyr is available in Bone, Glossy Black and Marble Tortoise, MSRP: $75.00-$175.00.

“We not only provide our customers with a performance advantage, but also, a touch of fashion that enables them to express their personal style,” said Jackson Hogen, vice president of marketing, research and development. “Panoptx is a brand with a passion for innovation. We'll continue to lead with technology without forgetting that eyewear is very personal and has to look great.”

In addition, Panoptx is introducing Whirlwind, a new Velocity Convertible product that is the first Panoptx style also to be offered in the Speed Series (as the Vortex frame style). Whirlwind features a versatile fit for medium to large face sizes and a complete wrap providing exceptional peripheral vision. Whirlwind is available in Dark Tortoise, Glossy Black and Gray Tortoise, MSRP: $125.00-$250.00.

Both Speed and Velocity Series frames include the choice of one of the following lens types; SharpTec Copper or Gray; ColorTec Copper or Gray; ColorTec Polarized Copper or Gray, PureTecâ„¢ Photochromic Day/Night or Dawn/Dusk; and PureTec Photochromic Polarized Copper or Gray. All lenses contain anti-fog coating with prescription availability. Prices vary depending on lens type.

About Panoptx
Established in 1997, Panoptx developed the technology that combines the protection and performance benefits of goggles with the style of sunglasses. Today, the company designs and manufactures superior eyewear that offers the highest level of protection and comfort, especially during outdoor and high-speed activities. Complete with filtered vents and waterproof lenses, Panoptx products are especially engineered for water sports, snow sports and motorcycle cruising. Panoptx' full lineup of lenses provides 100% UV protection and most are available in prescription. Panoptx are sold through sunglass stores, ski and sport shops, and authorized Harley Davidson dealers. For more information, please visit the Panoptx Web site at

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