MSR® Snow Saw Collection Delivers Elite Performance in the Field


MSR (Mountain Safety Research®), the Seattle-based manufacturer of high-performance outdoor equipment, today announced the addition of two precision snow saws to its elite collection of snow safety tools for backcountry travelers.

Engineered for isolating snow study columns to cutting shelter blocks, MSR’s two new saws—the Beta™ Snow Science Saw and the Basecamp™ Snow Shelter Saw—are built to rip and remove snow fast. The distinct saws for snow science and shelter construction are the pure reflection of aggressive speed and reliable utility in the field.

“The backcountry market is exploding. People are going deeper than ever before. It’s MSR’s responsibility to build products that enhance mountain safety in the backcountry,” said Chris Parkhurst, vice president of MSR. “During the development process we scrutinized every engineering design, from tooth placement to blade profiles and materials, to create two of the most efficient and reliable saws possible.”

MSR has a long and rich history designing and manufacturing innovative snow gear and safety tools, and first introduced a snow-specific saw—the MSR Igloo Tool—in 1969. Drawing on that rich heritage, MSR continues to push boundaries with these two new saws, designed specifically for today’s mountaineers, backcountry skiers, winter enthusiasts and mountain professionals.

Beta Snow Science Saw

The Beta saw is a one-piece, 7 oz. saw engineered for ski patrollers, guides, industry professionals and recreationalists. Engineered to elevate the standard of professional snow science saws, the Beta comes with a 1 mm and 3 mm snow grid, 35 cm of cutting surface, and a 30 cm call out to identify the ideal column width during snow pack analysis. The handle’s non-slip grip holds steady while the durable, stainless steel blade’s snow- and wood-cutting teeth efficiently cut through hardpack and ice. The handle’s lash points allow users to connect the saw to a ski pole to extend the saw’s reach for larger snow pit and stability tests.

  • Aggressive snow- and wood-cutting teeth
  • Debris-removing voids between teeth
  • Laser-cut, stainless steel blade is among strongest, lightest available
  • 30 cm marking indicates ideal snow-column width
  • 1 mm and 3 mm crystal grids
  • Ultra-packable: equivalent to a bundled probe
  • RF-welded, gear-protecting sheath

Basecamp Snow Shelter Saw

The Basecamp saw delivers powerful cutting efficiency for adventurers building snow camps in the remote reaches of winter. The Basecamp’s unique non-linear blade profile is a curved 55 cm-long path that concentrates each tooth’s cutting efficiency for rapid shelter building. The saw’s innovative, two-directional teeth, coupled with its debris-removing voids, deliver unrivaled aggressive performance. The Basecamp is as practical as it is powerful. The saw folds in half, transforming it into the same length as a collapsed probe.

  • Laser-cut, two-directional teeth rip snow and ice on each stroke
  • Voids remove debris from cutting path
  • Ultra-efficient cutting pattern
  • Light, high-strength 7075 aluminum
  • Secure, low-profile locking pin delivers rigidity in hardpack conditions
  • Folds to half its size for ultimate packability
  • RF-welded gear-protecting sheath 

The new MSR snow saws debut this month at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City and are available for testing at the All Mountain Demo on January 21 at Solitude Mountain Resort. They will be available at retail stores in August 2014.

About MSR® (Mountain Safety Research®)

Seattle-based MSR has been engineering standard-setting high-performance outdoor equipment since 1969. A commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures customers are outfitted with the finest, most reliable gear available for outdoor adventures. MSR product lines include: stoves, fuel, cookware, water treatment and hydration systems, shelters, snowshoes, snow tools, and backcountry poles. The majority of MSR products are made in the company’s Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit



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