Meet The Gummi Hitchhiker – He’s On A Ride to Outdoor Retailer


This morning, while stopping for coffee and baked goodies on their way to Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, team Deviant 9 Studios and their partner, team Wicked Good Copywriting, picked up a little dude looking for a long ride. This dude was a red, five pound gummy bear named Gummi.

Here’s how it went down: waiting outside the bakery, the red bear asked for a ride. Big Greg, the driver, asked, “Where to?”

Gummi replied, “Wherever you’re headed, bro.”

“We’re headed across the high Nevada desert on our way to Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City.”

“Cool. I’m in. Let’s roll.”

That was mere hours ago, and since that fateful meeting Gummi and friends have crossed the mighty Sierras, shopped the Reno Patagonia Outlet, and are heading towards a crazy night on the border town of Wendover – the place Utahans go to cut loose.

“I’s havin’ a hella awesome time with these two bros and the two whatever female bros are called. It’s gnar,” states Gummi. “Ferinstance - I totally dug eating little gummi bears right at Donner Summit – cannibalism? Get it? Hella gnar funny, bro!”

He added, “Look, I’m a timmigrant, and when the work in North Cali wound up it was time to head to greener pastures, knowhattaymean, bro? Maybe Colorado? But first maybe I’ll just check out what these folks are checking out – this outdoor thing.”

So it looks like Gummi’s path goes through the Salt Palace.

“Whoa! A palace made of salt?!? That I gotta see, bro.”

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About Gummi: He’s a five-pound gummy bear. Five pounds, all gummy. ‘Nuff said.


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