Klymit unveils Kinetic vest featuring NobleTek Insulation

Klymit introduces argon gas-based insulated vests designed for different outdoor activities.

Klymit, an innovator in outdoor technology, introduces the Klymit Kinetic Vest – the first product to use its breakthrough Klymit NobleTek insulation. Klymit NobleTek is the only technology on the market that gives outdoor enthusiasts the power to Kontrol the ElementsTM and adjust their level of warmth via flexible, gastight yet breathable chambers filled with gas instead of down or fiber. This cutting-edge technology provides insulation that is not only adjustable, but warmer, thinner and lighter-weight than other insulators. The vest comes in four different styles designed with features specific to most outdoor activities. It is available for preorder now through the company's e-commerce store at www.klymit.com.

The four styles include the Kinetic ◊◊ Double Diamond – with a body-hugging fit designed for snow sports, Kinetic Khameleon – for hunting and other sports where camouflage and silence are key, Kinetic Red Rock – the lightest-weight insulated vest on the market for climbing and other backcountry sports, and the Kinetic Amphibian –designed to keep water out and warmth in for rafting, kayaking and other water sports. Each vest includes a Klymit Klymitizer to inflate the vests, three Klymit HotShot Kanisters refills plus a stuff sack.

“After two and a half years of research and hard work, it's so rewarding to see the finished product,” says Nate Alder, CEO of Klymit. “With the Kinetic vests, people can finally see for themselves how well NobleTek insulation works. NobleTek is going to change the outdoor industry.”

Klymit's noble-gas-based system allows users to increase or decrease warmth on demand, unlike fiber and other types of insulation which cannot change when temperatures vary. NobleTek Insulation is warmer and lighter-weight than fiber insulators because it uses Argon gas, which is better at trapping warmth, is weightless, and retains its loft when inflated. It also stays warm when wet, is windproof and eco-friendly. The gases used by Klymit are non-toxic, non-flammable and completely safe for both the user and the environment. Klymit NobleTek Insulation is also less bulky than other insulators. It is only 15mm (less than half an inch) when fully inflated, and collapses to paper- thin, less than 0.5mm when deflated. This makes clothing easy to move around in when inflated, and easy to pack into small spaces for camping, hiking and storage when the gas is removed.

These first-generation Klymit Kinetic vests are limited editions, and are only available at Klymit.com for a special introductory discount price of $149.95 through July 31, 2009. Follow Klymit on Twitter and become a Klymit Fan on Facebook.

Klymit is a company based in Ogden, Utah that develops and licenses noble-gas-based, variable insulation technologies to companies across a variety of industries. Klymit NobleTek Insulation is the only technology on the market that gives users the power to Kontrol the Elements and adjust their level of warmth with the turn of a dial. The noble gases used in Klymit's technologies are non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe for the environment.