Klymit Goes Global by Entering Scandinavian Marketplace

GEAR AB, a Swedish distributor, just inked a deal with Klymit to promote and expand Klymit’s brand awareness in European markets. GEAR AB will provide distribution for the Klymit Kinetic vest line and other Klymit products.

Klymit, an innovator in outdoor technology, announces a distributor partnership with GEAR AB for Klymit products into the Swedish market. Providing distribution for the Klymit Kinetic vest line and other Klymit products, GEAR AB will promote and continue to expand Klymit's brand awareness in Europe.
GEAR AB distributes hunting and outdoor products through established Scandinavian branches to increase availability in stores and other outlets. Always looking for innovative brands, GEAR AB first stoked the excitement of the Scandinavian marketplace when they gave 40,000 people a glimpse of Klymit products at Vildmarksmässan The Wilderness Fair.
“We are pleased to have such a reputable company distributing Klymit products in Europe,” says Nate Alder, CEO of Klymit. “This partnership is a great base for our distribution overseas.”
“The Klymit Kinetic™ vest series is a very exciting new technology. It generated a lot of excitement for Gear AB in Sweden through the media and at The Wilderness Show. Not only is NobleTek™ Insulation effective in our long, cold winters, we look forward to an exciting Spring/Summer season with the Kinetic Vests as they work extremely well in water sports,” says Jessica Ulfsdotter, Marketing Manager of GEAR AB. “ The Swedish people are ardent outdoor enthusiasts and quick to embrace technology that can help them maximize their outdoor fun. They are truly excited to embrace the Klymit Kinetic Vests and use them year round.”
Klymit is a world leader in noble gas-based insulation and technology. Klymit's NobleTek insulation provides a warmer, thinner and lighter insulation than anything else on the market. The Klymit Kinetic vest line, featuring Klymit NobleTek Insulation, includes four styles with unique features to match specific outdoor activities including hunting, snow sports, hiking/climbing and water sports. This spirng, Klymit unveiled a new line of outwear shells called Klymit Kinetic Shells.

Klymit is a company based in Ogden, Utah that develops and licenses noble-gas-based, variable insulation technologies to companies across a variety of industries. Klymit NobleTek Insulation is the only technology on the market that gives users the power to Kontrol the ElementsTM and adjust their level of warmth with the turn of a dial. The noble gases used in Klymit's technologies are non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe for the environment. www.klymit.com www.facebook.com/klymitnobletek www.twitter.com/klymit

GEAR AB is an outdoor company that represents and distributes a number of large and well-known brands in the hunting and outdoor industry. www.gearab.com