Klymit Inks Deal with MotorFist llc

Klymit,® a leading innovator in outdoor technology, is proud to announce a supply agreement and partnership with the snowmobile industry’s premier outerwear brand MotorFist.

Klymit,® a leading innovator in outdoor technology, is proud to announce a supply agreement and partnership with the snowmobile industry's premier outerwear brand MotorFist. Creator of NobleTektm insulation, Klymit gives outdoor enthusiasts the power to “Kontrol The Elements” and adjust their level of warmth via flexible, gastight, breathable chambers filled with gas instead of down or fabric. This cutting-edge technology provides insulation that is adjustable, warmer, warm when wet, thinner and lighter-weight than other insulators.

“We're excited to see the presence of NobleTek insulation grow in the market,” says Klymit CEO Nate Alder. “Our OEM and licensing partners offer top-of-the-line products and we're happy to work with them to incorporate NobleTek into their lines. MotorFist founder Brad Ball is an innovator and leading designer of snowmobile outerwear. Brad's leadership insures the benefits of NobleTek are used to maximum effect.”

MotorFist produces a full line of snowmobile outerwear that is respected industry wide. Along with MotorFist's waterproof gear, specialized fleece, soft shell and other snowmobile specific items are provided for the snowmobile customer.

“We believe that NobleTek Insulation is revolutionary in every sense of the word.”, says MotorFist CEO Brad Ball. “I believe the future with NobelTek insulation concepts is unlimited. The NobelTek and MotorFist partnership will bring gear to the snowmobiler that are truly unique. The Surviva-Vest is an example of a snowmobile necessity that can be found nowhere else. The future of insulation is found with NobleTek insulation.”

MotorFist envisioned a survival vest for the snowmobiler that is powered by Klymit's NobleTek Insulation.The MotorFist Suviva-Vest™ is a collaborative design between Klymit and MotorFist, it is worn under the outerwear layer providing additional insulation to survive night time temperatures or to replace wet mid-layers in an emergency. The MotorFist Surviva-Vest can also be laid on the snow to provide a ¾ length ground pad in case you need to make an emergency overnight winter camp.

Each safety vest packs down to 9” x 3” and comes packed in a small stuff sack. The sack will contain other safety tools. Each Surviva-Vest features a ripcord inflation system and comes pre-installed with one argon KwikShot™ canister. The MotorFist Surviva-Vest is slated to launch in Fall 2010 to select MotorFist dealers and at snowmobile consumer shows in the USA and Canada.