The Klymit success story: a tool for business students

New textbook on entrepreneurship highlights Klymit’s business plan

Klymit, an innovator in outdoor technology, is gaining more recognition for its revolutionary business model. After taking first or second place at 11 different business plan and innovation competitions, Klymit is now being featured in a business textbook about what it takes to start up a company and make it successful. Associate Professor Bruce Barringer from the University of Central Florida plans to include the Klymit story in the 3rd edition of his textbook, Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, published by Prentice-Hall. The current edition of this textbook is used by more than 200 colleges and universities.

“We are so honored to be included in Dr. Barringer's textbook,” said Nate Adler, CEO of Klymit. “I hope that, by hearing how we solved problems and dealt with challenges, our story can inspire and help pave the way for other entrepreneurs.”

Dr. Barringer's book begins each chapter with a success story about a business started either by students while still in school, or by recent graduates. When he heard about Klymit, the choice was easy.

“Klymit is a fantastic example of what entrepreneurs can achieve while they are still in school,” said Dr. Barringer. “By featuring stories about companies like Klymit, we hope to encourage students that by using the resources, enthusiasm and infrastructure available to them in college this kind of success can happen for them as well.”

Klymit's initial business plan was based on the idea that Argon gas, used in dry suits by deep sea divers to keep warm, could be also used in outdoor products instead of traditional insulation. Klymit Kontrollable Insulation uses flexible, airtight yet breathable chambers filled with gas instead of down or fabric. Klymit's noble-gas-based system allows users to increase or decrease warmth on demand, controlling their level of warmth with the turn of a dial. This cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize the outdoor industry, providing insulation that is not only adjustable, but is warmer, thinner and lighter-weight than other insulators.

The Klymit system can be used in a variety of outdoor products and sporting goods, such as camping pads, gloves, ski boots, jackets, vests, ski pants and sleeping bags and anywhere else that can be imagined. Klymit is already developing products with strategic branded OEM partnerships in the outdoor and sporting goods industry. Klymit will also offer specialty products that it creates and develops on its own.

Please visit for more information on Klymit Kontrollable Insulation, including detailed videos demonstrating how this breakthrough technology works. Follow @Klymit on Twitter and become a fan on the Klymit Facebook page where special promo deals are offered to fans.

Klymit is a noble gas technology company based in Ogden, Utah. Klymit develops and licenses its noble-gas-based, variable insulation technologies to companies in a variety of industries. Klymit Kontrollable Insulation is the only technology on the market that gives users the power to Kontrol the Elements and adjust their level of warmth with the turn of a dial. The noble gases used in Klymit's technologies are non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe for the environment.