K2’s All-New BackSide Collection Delivers Unparalleled Backcountry Versatility

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Seattle, Wash. (January 21, 2014) – Leading the way in ski design, K2 Skis has completely reinvented its backcountry specific skis. With an emphasis on performance while maintaining lightweight construction, K2 has developed a groundbreaking line of touring skis. From month-long high altitude international expeditions to brief outings in backyard powder stashes, the diehard backcountry skier is covered.

The BackSide collection builds upon backcountry-specific Baseline 2.0 top shape and profile designs that include new tapered tips and tails with increasing amounts of rocker as each ski in the line gets wider for predictability in all types of snow conditions encountered outside the resort boundaries. The tails in the collection are still designed flat to act as functional snow anchors and tip/tail grommets that guarantee centered skin adhesion. The market-leading ski collection also features K2’s new Snophobic topsheet, a nylon-based weave that prohibits the buildup of heavy snow on the top of the ski to conserve precious energy while ascending.

All these features and more are found on the newly updated, versatile and lighter weight WayBack series. Offered in 88 and 96 cm waist widths, these skis are the de facto choice for adventurers who aren’t afraid of multi-day alpine explorations.

WayBack 88
Dimensions: 126/88/113
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 160, 167, 174, 181
Radius: 17m @ 174cm
Weight: 1350g @ 174cm

WayBack 96
Dimensions: 128/96/118
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 170, 177, 184
Radius: 20m @ 177cm
Weight: 1550g @ 177cm

The completely updated TalkBack series provides backcountry specific models for adventure-minded females. The TalkBack 88 and 96 feature the same Snophobic topsheet, tip and tail skin grommets and flat tails as the other BackSide skis while saving weight with a Paulownia and Maple core.

TalkBack 88
Dimensions: 126/88/113
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 153, 160, 167
Radius: 14m @ 160cm
Weight: 1250g @ 160cm

TalkBack 96
Dimensions: 128/96/118
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 163, 170
Radius: 17m @ 163cm
Weight: 1350g @ 163cm

Ideal for off-piste adventure, the next evolution of the CoomBack series continues the light weight approach and takes skiers beyond the limits of traditional resort boundaries to experience the mountains in a whole new way. The CoomBack 114, the wider of the two in this series, is ideal for skiers who live for exploratory powder missions. The torsion box Maple and Paulownia construction make for an incredibly stable, yet weight conscious core, while the All-Terrain Rocker provides float for the overhead days that powder junkies crave.

CoomBack 114
Dimensions: 140/114/118
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 170, 177, 184
Radius: 23m @ 177cm
Weight: 1800g @ 177cm

Coming in ten centimeters narrower underfoot is the newly updated CoomBack 104. The new shape give the ski a nimble yet predictable feel, designed to excel in a wide variety of snow conditions, this reliable tool is sure to be found seeking out the most technical descents on La Meije.

CoomBack 104
Dimensions: 136/104/122
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 170, 177, 184
Radius: 23m @ 177cm
Weight: 1650g @ 177cm

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Seeking fun through innovation since 1962, K2’s all-mountain philosophy and technological advancements continue to lead the ski industry. Whether in the park and pipe, on resort groomers or deep in the backcountry, K2 is all about having fun while skiing the entire mountain. The brand’s progressive ingenuity and comprehensive approach to maximizing skiers' experiences and performance in any condition is evident throughout its collection of award-winning products that not only include skis, but also ski boots, helmets, goggles and backcountry safety tools. For more information on K2’s latest ski products, dealers and team activities, visit K2skis.com.

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