Hot Chillys Introduces New Superior Performance Naturals For Fall 2009

Remaining true to all things under the belt, Hot Chillys continues to keep you warm and cozy when it’s cool and chilly with Hot Chillys new Superior Performance Naturals.

San Luis Obispo, Calif. (December 30, 2008) – With 20 years of experience under their belt, Hot Chillys is at the forefront of base layer fabric technology. Remaining true to all things under the belt, Hot Chillys continues to keep you warm and cozy when it's cool and chilly with Hot Chillys new Superior Performance Naturals. Putting the ‘super' in superior, this collection offers advanced quality and utility with Hot Chillys' notorious eco-twist.

These performance base layers are available in cotton, silk, alpaca, tencel, and cashmere. The Superior line offers a unique solution in natural fibers. Every fabric has inherent, or enhanced, moisture management and antimicrobial properties, as well as hypoallergenic. Tighter, finer stitch work, finished collars, tonal embroideries and rich woven labels really set this line off.

“This line-up creates the best of natural, renewable and biodegradable fibers that are scientifically engineered with performance properties,” said Steve Lee, vice president of Sales. “They are technology and comfort with a conscience!“

Here is a little bit of information about some of the fabrics available in this line:

Cotton fibers are modified at the molecular level to funnel moisture away from the skin for rapid evaporation. Performance Cotton allows your garment to feel dry, soft and cling-free.
• Lightweight Base Layer, 135 g/m²
• Soft, combed cotton fibers modified at the molecular level.
• Wicks moisture away from skin.
• Won't feel heavy and damp.
• Won't chafe skin like wet fabrics.
• Dries quicker than normal cotton.
• Retains its natural softness.

Silk with Pima Cotton creates a garment that is luxuriously soft and light as a feather. Silk offers great versatility, comfort and warmth for its weight. Performance Silk naturally moves moisture away from the body without retaining odor.
• Lightweight Base Layer, 135 g/m²
• Silk blended with Pima cotton (a longer, sturdier cotton fiber).
• Silk has natural moisture management characteristics and excellent warmth to weight ratio.
• Naturally antimicrobial and hypo allergenic

Alpaca with MTF micro polyester and Pima Cotton engineer a garment that is soft to the touch with excellent heat retention. Performance Alpaca naturally transports moisture away from the body, is odor resistant and antimicrobial.
• Midweight Base Layer, 180 g/m²
• Alpaca blended with MTF poly and Pima Cotton.
• Thermal efficiency as much as 15 times warmer than Merino Wool. Because Alpaca is so much warmer than Merino, it's blended it with MTF Poly and Cotton for a soft feel, manageable warmth and superior moisture management.
• Hollow in nature, unlike wool, Alpaca wicks moisture from the body and is naturally hypoallergenic.
• Alpaca is water and stain resistant, wool is not.
• Alpaca fibers are softer to the human touch than Merino due to the absence of ‘guard hairs,' so no skin irritation and itching like with wool.

Tencel® with MTF micro polyester and bamboo charcoal produce a garment that is soft as silk, yet strong. Soft to the touch and warm on the body. Performance Tencel manages moisture, is antimicrobial and does not retain odor.
• Midweight Base Layer, 185 g/m²
• Tencel blended with MTF poly, Bio Carbon and spandex.
• Tencel and MTF poly combine to insulate and move moisture.
• Soft fabric with a soft stretch.
• Tencel, MTF poly and Bio Carbon provide moisture management and antimicrobial in a soft, stretch garment.

Cashmere is the most luxurious of the knits, known as the fiber of kings and as “soft gold” or “fiber diamond.”
• Cashmere is cylindrical in construction, holds moisture inside to keep it away from the skin, is very lightweight and provides excellent insulation.
• Cashmere combined with the integrity of Silk, know for being very warm for its weight and a natural moisture transferring fiber.
• The combination should be supremely luxurious, warm, soft and light weight.

Each of these fibers comes in a variety of base layer styles, from zip-Ts to pants to turtlenecks.

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Hot Chillys has led the performance apparel industry for two decades with moisture managing base layer technology. When founded in 1985, Hot Chillys revolutionized the ski market with technologically advanced, snowsports base layers that wicked away moisture from the body. Today, Hot Chillys offers a comprehensive line of base layers and performance apparel for men, women and children. Please visit the website: and blog:


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