Harbinger Helps Athletes Build Upper Body Strength Faster with the New Big Grip Bar Grips


Big Grip Bar Grips turn regular bars in to “thick bars” that require greater upper body muscle activation when lifting

FAIRFIELD, CALIF. (For Immediate Release) – Harbinger, the 25 year-old strength training brand for fitness enthusiasts, is set to help weightlifters get more out of their workouts with the new Big Grip Bar Grips.

By increasing the diameter of standard and Olympic weightlifting bars, dumbbells and pull-up bars, Big Grip Bar Grips create “thick bars” that activate more hand, arm, shoulder, and core muscles, to rapidly build upper body strength and noticeable muscle mass.

“These grips put a new twist on old school weightlifting,” said Chanin Cook, Director of Marketing, Harbinger. “Weightlifters, powerlifters and strongmen have used thick bar training for decades because it really works. By activating more upper body muscles with each rep, thick bar training produces results in significantly less time than standard training. The grips turn free weights into thick bars, quickly, easily, and affordably.”

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Made from a proprietary high-density compound, Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grips attach to the bar like a clamp and maintain their shape, even when lifting extreme loads. Big Grip Bar Grips are also easy to clean and transport so you can use them at home, at the gym, and wherever you go.

The Big Grip Bar Grips retail for $24.99. For more information, please click HERE.

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About Harbinger

Founded in 1988, Harbinger produces innovative, high-performance fitness and strength training tools. Harbinger products and their HumanX by Harbinger line of functional training gear are found in gyms, health clubs, sporting goods and specialty fitness retailers worldwide. For more information, visit www.harbingerfitness.com.