HumanX by Harbinger Introduces New Weight Vests to Increase Workout Intensity


Unisex 40LB Vest and 10LB Vest for women join the HumanX 20LB vest, offering custom fit and weight adjustment

FAIRFIELD, CALIF. (For Immediate Release) – HumanX by Harbinger, makers of specialized line of functional training gear, is helping athletes get more out of their workouts with the introduction of two new weight vests for spring 2015.

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The new 40LB Unisex Weight Vest and 10LB Weight Vest for women join the 20LB Unisex Vest in the HumanX product family. Featuring fully-adjustable shoulders and waist closures, these vests offer a compact, no-bounce fit for industry-leading comfort and performance. The incremental weight of each vest can be adjusted by adding or removing HumanX’s custom injection-molded FLEX weights.

"Response to the compact design and custom fit of our original 20LB Weight Vest in 2013 was strong from the start, so adding the 10LB and 40LB vests was a no-brainer,“ says Chanin Cook, HumanX’s Director of Marketing. "With our weight vest selection now ranging from 0 to 40 pounds (in ½LB, 1LB and 2LB increments) we have a vest for every athlete, from beginner to professional. Our 40LB vest is also used by firefighters, police, and military in training exercises.”

Extra weight will up the intensity of any workout, including deadlifts, push ups, pull ups, burpees and sprints. Beyond the gym, training with a weighted vest has been shown to improve overall speed and power in runners who regularly train while wearing one.

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Setting the 40LB Weight Vest apart from the rest is a patent-pending “flex weight” design that contours to the body for a custom fit, because exercising with an extra 40lbs is challenge enough without a vest that slides around, becomes imbalanced, or interferes with exercise. Injection-molded FLEX weights (2lbs each) fit snugly in individual pockets, conform to the body, and will not fall out, even when inverted. Add or remove weight in two pound increments for a customized workout. $160.

Specially designed to fit a woman's body while allowing full-range-of-motion and mobility, the 10LB Weight Vest combines fully adjustable shoulder straps with a neoprene belt for a prefect, no-bounce fit through every workout. This weight vest will up the intensity of almost any exercise, leading to greater endurance and more rapid growth in speed and strength. Designed with ½ pound patent-pending FLEX weights to reduce stress on sensitive areas, the weight of this vest can be changed in ½ pound increments to fully customize resistance. $100

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Both new vests are new for spring 2015 and are currently available at

About HumanX by Harbinger

HumanX by Harbinger is a line of high performance gear from Harbinger, the fitness company known as the “go to” brand for weightlifting and conditioning gear for over 25 years. HumanX products meet the demand for functional training tools in today's evolved fitness market, with a focus on high intensity, multi-discipline programming.

The HumanX product line includes Speed Ropes, Kettlebell Arm Guards, Red Line Wrist Wraps, 20# Weight Vest, Gloves, GRIPS, AbX and Foam Core Belts. HumanX gear is found in gyms and sporting goods retailers worldwide. For more information, visit