Marc Pro partners with Team Wattie Ink to Help Athletes Recover Faster and Train Harder


(Huntington Beach, CA—March 12th, 2015)—Marc Pro® is pleased to announce a partnership with the Team Wattie Ink as the official recovery device for the team of pro and amateur athletes based across the nation. Marc Pro® creates electronic muscle conditioning devices that facilitate muscle performance to help athletes recover and perform better, including the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus.

Based in Huntington Beach, Marc Pro utilizes 30 years of medical device experience and research and has worked with some of the world’s leading pro sports teams to develop their easy-to-use device. Unlike muscle-building or pain-masking devices, Marc Pro utilizes a unique and proprietary waveform that activates muscle fibers in a way that does not fatigue the muscle while it conditions it for optimal recovery. Team Wattie Ink joins over 100 professional teams and athletes that are already using Marc Pro, including Team Every Man Jack and decorated triathletes Matt Reed, Emma-Kate Lidbury, and Sarah Piampiano. 

“We are very excited to have Marc Pro as our official recovery device,” said Robert Flanigan, Director for Team Wattie Ink. “Marc Pro allows for our athletes to recover quickly without muscle fatigue, which is critical for elite level triathlon training.”

"Team Wattie Ink is committed to athletic excellence, and we are proud to be part of their journey towards that," said Marc Pro President, Ryan Heaney. “Marc Pro enables athletes to recover faster from workouts which allows them to train harder and ultimately, perform better on race day.”


Founded in Southern California in December of 2009, Wattie Ink. has evolved from a sports marketing agency representing some of the world’s best triathletes to an apparel company dedicated to creating the finest gear in the world. Inspired by the blood, sweat and tears of our athletes, who give their hearts and souls to the sport everyday in pursuit of greatness, the Wattie Ink. brand was born. Wattie Ink. apparel is designed, tested and manufactured in our own factory in Southern California with the intent to inspire, motivate and challenge athletes to follow their dreams, take risks, and never give up. Wattie Ink. is a brand focused and committed to the sport of triathlon, its courageous athletes, and delivering them gear with the highest level of performance, style and quality.


Marc Pro®, Inc. is a privately held firm based in Huntington Beach, CA. The founders have over 30 years of experience researching, designing, manufacturing and selling electrical stimulation devices in the medical field. All of that research was used to develop the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus. We work with some of the most elite organizations in the country and have sold our devices to players and trainers from over 100 professional and amateur teams. We’ve accumulated numerous peer reviewed published studies on our specific technologies. We’ve patented our technologies and processes, and we’ve developed a reputation as having the most unique and effective electrical stimulation devices available. We used all of this research and experience to develop the technology and protocols used in Marc Pro devices. We designed and manufacture the Marc Pro device ourselves, right here in Huntington Beach California where our corporate and manufacturing headquarters reside. We are dedicated to helping athletes at all levels Do More, Recover Faster, and Feel Better!