Gerber Gear Uses GoSpotCheck’s Mobile Data Collection to Drive Sales


GoSpotCheck, Inc., the innovative mobile enterprise software solution for field teams, has driven positive sales and marketing results for the outdoor retailer Gerber Gear. Gerber Gear Field Technical Representative Manager Brian Petrucci estimates that GoSpotCheck has widened Gerber Gear’s gross profits by 10- to 15-percent per year.

“GoSpotCheck provides superior real-time data flexibility and reporting capabilities that are vital to any consumer goods company,” Petrucci said. With GoSpotCheck, he was able to prove that a dedicated field team is essential to Gerber Gear’s operations and sales efforts, and the widespread advantages of the mobile data collection platform extend far beyond that.

By tracking daily account activity, packaging standards and stock levels in real time, Gerber Gear is making better-informed business decisions immediately with precise data delivered right to executives’ fingertips. GoSpotCheck has enabled Gerber Gear to substantiate higher order volume from retail accounts, contributing to a significant lift in sales. Monitoring planogram and marketing initiative compliance at the store level ensures optimal product placement and display strategy.

Field reps feed important information, like competitive intelligence, in real time to marketing and product development teams via GoSpotCheck, absolving them of travel and data collection responsibilities and saving the company time and money. GoSpotCheck has improved the accuracy of and speed at which data is collected in the field, optimizing the company’s performance and changing its culture.

“Thanks to GoSpotCheck, our product road and account strategies are updated immediately, thus removing reactionary late-to-market responses. We do not have one favorite GoSpotCheck feature. GoSpotCheck is now an integral part of our day-to-day corporate environment,” Petrucci said.

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About GoSpotCheck:

GoSpotCheck is a Software as a Service company that enables companies to streamline their sales and merchandising team’s surveys, audits and reports through mobile data collection. Outdoor brands and rep firms can arm their teams with GoSpotCheck’s mobile app to get real-time information about merchandising, product line performance and competitive research. By structuring data collection and instantly aggregating data, outdoor brands and rep firms can quickly identify issues, spot trends and take action to improve their business in this highly-competitive industry.