French Cyclist Thierry Suptil Rides Route 66 on the ElliptiGO


SAN DIEGO, CA (December 9, 2013)—French cyclist Thierry Suptil made history this past month as the first person to ride the full 2,448 miles of Route 66 on an ElliptiGO elliptical cycle. A newcomer to the ElliptiGO, but an experienced cyclist and innovator in the industry, Suptil was drawn to the challenge of riding this iconic highway by himself on this innovative device. Averaging 47 miles per day, it took him just 52 days of riding to travel from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, ending at the Santa Monica Pier on November 19, 2013.


Designed by runners, the ElliptiGO is the first outdoor, low-impact, fitness device specifically designed to emulate the running motion. It allows athletes of all levels to get a high-intensity workout without experiencing the repetitive impact of running. Healthy athletes and injured athletes alike have found it the most effective way to get an outdoor running experience without the usual pounding on their bodies.

Suptil first heard about the ElliptiGO from a French journalist who asked him to provide an expert opinion on it for a French magazine. After a 20-minute test ride the French adventurer was hooked and immediately decided that it would be the perfect device for taking on Route 66. “I knew I loved the bike and immediately I thought about taking it on an adventure,” stated Suptil. “Route 66 was the perfect length to really test out the bike and I was excited to tackle such a famous road.”

On August 6th, Suptil left Chicago on his ElliptiGO pulling a Burley Nomad trailer filled with everything he needed for a self-supported adventure. When he reached the halfway point in Amarillo, Texas, he put the journey on hold for a month while he flew back to France for business. Returning to Amarillo in October, Suptil picked up where he left off and finished his trek last month. “I only had one flat tire on the ElliptiGO the entire time and the bike itself handled the trip well with no mechanical issues at all,” said Suptil. “I also managed to avoid rain and any major weather, so that made the trip even more enjoyable.”

With this effort, Suptil joins the growing list of adventurers using the ElliptiGO for long-distance, self-supported treks. They include 71-year-old, former-Marine Rick Hermelin who rode 2,926 miles coast-to-coast across the United States in 100 days in 2012; Doug Leland who rode his ElliptiGO from Canada to Mexico in 2010; and British athlete Squash Falconer whose nine-week, 3074-mile journey through five countries in Europe this past summer set the current world record for the longest distance travelled in one continuous journey on an elliptical bicycle.

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