ElliptiGO Inc. Partners with McMillan Running to Provide ElliptiGO-Integrated Running Programs


SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (March 25, 2014)— ElliptiGO Inc., creators of the world’s first elliptical cycle, today announced their partnership with McMillan Running, an online resource providing distance runners with training plans, personal coaching and other services. Over the next several months, Founder and Head Coach Greg McMillan will develop unique, ElliptiGO-integrated running programs to help owners who are active runners incorporate their ElliptiGOs into their training in a meaningful way. These plans will enable customers to get the most out of their ElliptiGOs and themselves by helping them avoid injury, improve performance, and extend their running lives. Customers can expect to see training programs, instructional videos, and tips from McMillan available for download from the elliptigo.com website later this summer.

McMillan is a runner, author, exercise scientist and coach whose focus is on bringing the science of endurance performance to his athletes. A student of the sport since he began running in high school, McMillan has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and has been called, “one of the best and smartest distance-running coaches in America,” by Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon Champion and Editor at Large at Runners’ World. McMillan is excited to develop these training programs and enable runners in the ElliptiGO community to achieve their running goals.

“Even though there are more than 8,000 ElliptiGOs on the road and more than 100 professional athletes training on ElliptiGO, the sport of elliptical cycling is still very new and I’m excited to be at the forefront of this effort,” stated McMillan. “One of my primary missions is to reduce the incidence of injuries in running, and the ElliptiGO is an effective way for runners to do just that. My goal with these training plans is to help ElliptiGO’s running customers incorporate training sessions on the ElliptiGO in a purposeful way. Whether they want to run a PR, qualify for Boston, or just increase their overall aerobic fitness, there are specific ways they can be using their ElliptiGO to take their training to a new level and achieve their goals.”

McMillan’s training programs will include options for runners of all experience levels looking to improve at distances from the 5K to the marathon. “One of the things that makes collaborating with Greg an ideal partnership for us is that he has been so successful at helping a wide range of athletes,” stated Bryce Whiting, Chief Enthusiast at ElliptiGO. “Greg’s experience helping everyone from Olympians to beginners achieve their fitness goals makes him a perfect fit for our customer base and we’re looking forward to offering our customers one more valuable tool to support their efforts.”

“ElliptiGO and McMillan Running share a mutual vision of providing runners with a better way to train,” stated Bryan Pate, Co-Founder of ElliptiGO. “We both want to help these athletes improve their performance and stay injury-free, all while enjoying the training process. Using the ElliptiGO is a great way to do this and Greg’s exercise science background and wealth of coaching experience make him uniquely suited to help our customers achieve their goals. We’re looking forward to bringing high-quality training programs to our community as we continue to improve and expand upon the tools available to our riders.”

Training programs for ElliptiGO riders will be available for download this summer from the ElliptiGO website. For more information about Greg McMillan and McMillan Running, visit www.mcmillanrunning.com. For more information about ElliptiGO and its products, visit www.elliptigo.com or follow them on Twitter @elliptigo and Facebook at www.facebook.com/elliptigo.

About McMillan Running
McMillan Running LLC was founded by Greg McMillan to provide an online resource for distance runners. The company's website provides a wealth of information for runners as well as Training Plans, Personal Coaching and other products and services. McMillanRunning.com's mission is simple - to help people fulfill their potential. Its growing menu of products and services reflect this mission. McMillan Running LLC is based in Flagstaff, Arizona USA. www.mcmillanrunning.com

About ElliptiGO
ElliptiGO, Inc. is the San Diego-based company that created the world’s first outdoor elliptical bicycle. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer, the ElliptiGO® delivers a high-performance workout experience that closely mimics running outdoors while eliminating the impact. Comfortable and easy to ride, elliptical biking is an effective way to build cardiovascular fitness without aggravating injuries and is great for everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. More than a dozen Olympians, 25 Universities, and 100 professional athletes are leveraging the ElliptiGO to get a cardio workout in without the jarring impact of running or the discomfort of sitting on a traditional bicycle. It’s the most fun and efficient way to get outside and be active. The full line of ElliptiGOs is available for purchase at select retailers nationwide and through the company’s website: www.elliptigo.com.


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