FITS® Congratulates Justin Lichter on Completion of Historic Trek


FITS® Ambassador Completes Historic Trek
Ultra Hiker Justin Lichter Completes First Winter Thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail

Niota, TN (March 11, 2015) — On March 1st, 2015, FITS® ambassador Justin Lichter completed the first ever winter thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. With partner Shawn Forry, Lichter traveled the 2,660 snow covered miles in a blistering pace of just 132 days. Forry and Lichter’s course, winding from the US-Canada border to the southern terminus at the US-Mexico border, required expert route finding, winter mountaineering skills, and incredible determination.

The winter quest presented many challenges, the most unavoidable being unpredictable weather. Mother Nature produced conditions ranging from frigid snowstorms to torrential downpours. With foot care a top priority, Lichter was able to overcome these difficult conditions with the help of FITS®.

Gear selection was challenging because the duo needed to account for a variety of conditions and modes of travel. Over the course of their journey, the two adventurers walked, hiked, snow-shoed, and skied — and they packed footwear accordingly. “Socks,” Lichter said, “can be easily overlooked. Better socks prevent problems.” Lichter stated that he worked with FITS® because of their unrivaled fit and the fact that they resist bunching. Lichter mainly relied on the FITS Light Hikers and Light Ski socks to complete the record-setting trek.

Lichter’s relationship with FITS® began about five years ago at an Outdoor Retailer Trade Show where he first received socks for testing and development input. Litchter now works closely with FITS® product development to test and improve prototype socks in extreme and rigorous conditions. FITS® versatility is a characteristic that Lichter appreciates: "I love FITS! They are amazingly comfortable socks and really durable. I have worked with FITS® for a number of years and there is nothing that compares."

What started as just a lofty dream five years ago is now another notch on Lichter’s belt of ultra-hiking accomplishments. FITS® is proud to support inspiring athletes such as Justin and we commend him on this historic accomplishment. 

More about Lichter and Forry’s journey may be read in recent New York Times coverage.