A Vancouver-based teardrop trailer designer sets to change the camper game

More than offering an elegant teardrop trailer, Droplet is creating a platform for owners to rent their campers out to the online community.
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Vancouver, Canada - May 8th 2018

Droplet Trailer by the beach, Manzanita Oregon

The Droplet is a compact and lightweight teardrop camper built around a queen sized bed, with a fully equipped gas kitchen and a fridge sheltered in the back.

After years of camping adventures spent in a tent and in rooftents, CEO of DROPLET Pascal Pillon had enough of it. Constantly having to dry gear and repack after a weekend had become too much, let alone the inconvenience of getting soaked to the bone during unexpected rainstorms. Instead of renouncing to one of his favorite hobbies, Pillon designed a compact camper with sufficient space to accommodate his girlfriend and himself on extended road trips.

The first DROPLET prototype saw life in 2017, weighing only 950 lbs. The light weight was crucial to be able to get towed by a compact and reliable vehicle like a Toyota Matrix, Pillon's vehicle. While the build was not originally intended to be commercialized, one year after its inception, Droplet had received such an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, which lead Pascal to turn DROPLET into a business. But not at any cost. 

droplet teardrop trailer towed by a toyota matrix

Droplet is fully insulated, and light enough to be towed by most compact cars.

The design of a high-tech lightweight teardrop trailer was not without headaches, but having spent over 2 decades designing and engineering all sorts of things like inflatable boats, kites, avalanche airbags, ski racks and more, Pillon knew exactly what he wanted from a trailer.

DROPLET sets a precedent by encouraging its acquirers to rent their own trailer when they are not personally using it. Pillon realized that like many households items, a camper trailer typically does not get used every week. Rather than sit in a garage for undetermined periods of time, Pillon is creating an online platform allowing users to rent it directly to others. "All of the sudden, a camper becomes an investment in personal joy and in the joys of others.  

DROPLET launched publicly on March 4th 2018.