CW-X Signs Elite Runner Carlos Trujillo

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It’s All About Support:


NEW YORK, N.Y. (March 9, 2015) – The Wacoal Sports Science Corp. ( has made its name by providing targeted support for athletes who want to warm up faster, perform better, and recover more fully during training and competition. These are product benefits that recently attracted elite runner, Carlos Trujillo, who has been added to Team CW-X, effective immediately.

Trujillo, 29, from Boulder, Colo, was PAC-10 10,000m champion and a three-time All-American during his stint as an NCAA athlete at the University of Oregon in Eugene, also known as “Track Town USA.” Carlos is among the elite marathon runners in the U.S. (1:03 half marathon, and 2:14 in the 2014 Chicago Marathon), represented the U.S. in the 2013 World Track and Field Championships marathon in Moscow, and has already qualified for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

“We are very proud to welcome Carlos to Team CW-X,” said John L.A. Wilson, president and COO of Wacoal Sports Science Corp. “This is a young man whose career as a marathon runner is on an upward trajectory.”

Trujillo joins other Team CW-X members from a variety of endurance sports, including Travis Macy, winner of the 2014 Leadville 100; Laura Perry, Canadian 100-mile record-holder; Samantha Gash, one of the world’s top ultra-marathoners; and top ranked Spartan Racer Chris Rutz, among others.

"I am ecstatic to pursue my running career with the support and partnership of CW-X. The 2016 US Olympic Trials are in sight, and I am excited to have CW-X provide me with advanced technology and pristine product quality,” said Trujillo.

“They should provide substantial benefits to assist me in my running goals, and get me closer to my dreams."

Wacoal Sports Science has been issued over 50 patents for CW-X technology worldwide. CW-X has been extensively tested and proven in competition by Olympians, Tour de France cyclists, successful Mt. Everest expeditions, and professional baseball, football, soccer, and rugby players.

Wacoal Sports Science Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Wacoal Corp. (NASDAQ: WACLY), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of intimate apparel. It is headquartered in New York City at 136 Madison Avenue. For more information: 212 743 9636,

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