Bryton Sport Unveils Two Top-Tier Cycling Computers at Interbike 2016


Cycling GPS computer company Bryton Sport will be launching the Rider 530 and the Rider 330 devices at Interbike, where Bryton Sport President and Founder Samuel Wang, who’s available for press interviews, and his company will be co-exhibiting with its distributor KHS at booth #12206. The release of the Rider 530 and Rider 330 further solidifies Bryton, which came to the U.S. in spring 2016, as a direct and formidable competitor to the big-name cycling computer companies that have previously held a dominating presence in the U.S.

“Our biggest goal for Bryton, and especially for these two new devices, is to make a rider’s life easier and to ensure that their sole focus during a ride is just that: the ride. No fussing with technology that takes time away from the ride itself,” said Isaac Wu, Global Marketing Manager of Bryton Sport. “We’ve created seriously outstanding products that are endlessly capable and affordable, and we cannot wait to share our products with the cycling community.”

The Rider 530, built to satisfy even the most decorated of road racers, is equipped with 72 functions, a default setting that tracks every one second during a ride, a 33-hour battery life and is WiFi enabled and Bluetooth capable through the proprietary Bryton App, allowing for hands-free and automatic data syncs to popular third-party training sites, such as Strava.

Available for purchase in fall 2016, the Rider 530 allows a rider to create routes on the device in three ways: on the Bryton App, from the on-device history and popular third-party sites, such as This means a rider can now get turn-by-turn directions from trusted sources when using the Bryton App. The App, which launched May 2016 and is available for iOS and Android, makes viewing and tracking progress, graphical analysis and sharing routes on social media simple and quick.

The digital compass and 12 customizable data grids displayed on the 2.6” waterproof screen are easily read. A rider can choose which data they would like to have displayed on the screen from the Rider 530’s 72 functions, such as: a map of the route, ANT+ auto sensor to pair with a power meter, heart rate sensor, altimeter, distance, calories, auto start/stop, laps, and incoming calls and texts supported via Bluetooth 4.0.

The 530, which has an MSRP of $179.95, also maximizes training by offering customizable workouts across seven different aerobic zones and offers Follow Track, a feature which helps a rider plan any ride anywhere in the world with maximized bicycle safety and enjoyment paramount.

The Rider 330, designed for the most adventurous of backcountry riders, shares the bulk of the same features as the Rider 530. With a 36-hour battery, a 1.8” waterproof screen, a 300-hour history and eight customizable data displayed per page, the Rider 330 is no slacker. Retailing for $129.95, it’s also able to

plan a route in three ways, supports WiFi and Bluetooth through the Bryton App, and auto syncs to the Bryton App or to other training sites, making it that much easier for a rider to upload their route and share their route on social media.

Having the Rider 530 and Rider 300 working seamlessly with the Bryton App to plan routes with the support of Google Maps also allows a rider to search within Google’s database for anything, from restaurants, street names, shops, addresses to coordinates and any other data on Google, making sure the rider’s information is updated, as they receive turn-by-turn directions.

President Samuel Wang founded Bryton Sport in 2009 and comes from a bulletproof background in GPS navigation systems. In 1999, Wang became the youngest Vice President in the history of MiTac, a information and communications technology company. His unstoppable leadership at MiTac led the company to found Mio Technology with a primary focus in car navigation systems in 2002, which became the third-biggest brand in the market and the top brand in China in 2007. With Wang’s eyes set on the horizon at Bryton, he’s eager to meet the U.S. press at Interbike and provide thorough interviews on the new Rider 530 and Rider 330.

For a deeper briefing on how to pair the Rider 530 and Rider 330 to the Bryton App for Bluetooth support, please view this “How To Data Sync via WiFi with Bryton Rider 530/330” video from Bryton Sport:

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ABOUT Bryton

Bryton, founded in 2009, is leading the way for GPS Sport computers in Asia, Europe and now North America. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company primarily serves cyclists, runners, triathletes and outdoor adventures through the use of cycling computers and advanced electronics.