One-Deal-at-a-Time stores now offer combined shipping

Combined shipping is now offered at all O.D.A.T. sites.
Original:,,, and fanatics can now snap up gear from any or all of the sites, hold them together for up to a week, and get them delivered in one shipment. This new option saves customers boatloads on shipping costs and makes them feel righteous for using less cardboard.

This new-and-improved shipping combo is a step up for’s ODAT (one-deal-at-a-time) stores, and it’s something customers have been requesting for a long time.

Before the cross-site combined shipping of today came the single-site combined shipping of yesterday. Literally, up until yesterday, shoppers could rack up multiple orders in a one-week period and ship them all together, but only from one store at a time. This meant they had to have four separate shipments if they wanted something from every ODAT.

“We threw customers a bone in 2009 with our first version of combined shipping, but they snarfed the bone and wanted more meat. What we gave them at the time was close but not exactly what they’d been asking for. We have lots of customers who climb, skate, paddle, hike, ski, mountain bike, and road ride, and they look for deals on all our stores. It took us a while, but we’re finally rolling out a combined shipping option that really will make it easier for people to shop with us,” said Nathan Flaim, the brains behind the new-and-improved Combined Shipping.

Now, deal lovers can shop on all stores — snagging outdoor gear from SteepandCheap; surf, skate or snowboard gear from WhiskeyMilitia; mountain bike gear from Chainlove; and roadie gear from Bonktown — buy every item they want, and add it to their combined-shipping order. They can click to ship when they’ve satisfied all cravings, or simply sit back and wait for the allotted week to pass and the order will ship automatically.

Customers can hold eligible items for a week for an additional $.99 per item shipping cost. That translates to big customer savings. Separate shipping costs can get oppressive, especially for someone who shops from all the stores religiously. And because is so excited about this new feature, they’ve reduced the additional per-item shipping from $0.99 to just one penny for a limited time to encourage customers to try it out.

Along with an intuitive interface showing customers the items they’ve purchased and the sites they’ve purchased from, each ODAT store will also feature a shared order history. Customers will have the same record of past purchases across any ODAT sites they’ve purchased from.

“There’ll be more changes to come, more for the better,” said Flaim. “I know this is outrageous and all, but I’m going to go ahead and go on the record as saying that what we’re really trying to do here is put the customer first. Novel, right? We get it. We’re failing if we’re not always listening to our customers in our quest to continuously fuel this country’s gear addictions, so that’s our goal.”

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