SNEWS Qs: Newton's Craig Heisner seeks to reach more runners with lower price point

SNEWS recently chatted up Newton’s President Craig Heisner about the company's new lower-price point running shoe and what it has to offer.

When we first slipped on a pair of Newtons last summer, we didn’t want to take them off. We had tried a ton of running shoes that day, and instantly were smitten with the bounciness and comfort we felt when we strode on the store's treadmill.


We sauntered up to the cash register and experienced some sticker shock when the total rang up to $175-plus. But it didn’t matter if we had to eat Ramen noodles for the next few weeks. They were worth every penny. Anyway, aren't noodles good carbs?

Now, Newton-loving runners can get a new pair of shoes and have cash left over for a steak. The company is releasing the EnergyNR in a few months, which is set to come in at a lower price point than its premium products.

SNEWS recently chatted with Newton’s President Craig Heisner about the new product.

Tell our readers about the new EnergyNR shoe that's soon to launch.
The EnergyNR has been years in the making. Our goal is always to look for ways to expand the Newton experience to a broader group of runners, and the EnergyNR is an addition to our line that offers similar features and ride to all of our products, but in a more conventional design package.

Why did the company decide to launch a shoe at this price point?
We've been aware that the price of our shoes may be a limiting factor for runners who are unfamiliar with our brand, so the EnergyNR's $119 price tag and less extreme design take some of that risk out of the equation.

How does it compare to shoes it will be competing against in the market?
No different than all of our shoes, the EnergyNR will offer an experience that is unique to the Newton brand. The ride will not be compromised by the technology contraction being slightly more streamlined than our current training shoes.


How does this shoe differ from others in the line?
The EnergyNR includes a version of our Action/Reaction technology in the forefoot that was previously only offered in our racing shoes. This more streamlined design employs five low-profile forefoot lugs to provide superior impact-zone cushioning and a smooth, stable ride.

What makes Newton different from other running shoes on the market?
Newton Running is the only shoe company to combine the low-profile design of a minimalist shoe with a highly sophisticated cushioning system, our unique Action/Reaction technology. All of our shoes have a heel-to-drop of 6 mm or less, which places the runner in a natural, balanced position. The Action/Reaction technology consists of DYNAMIC lugs under the forefoot that provide a highly responsive ride.

Tell us about the best features of your products.
Newton footwear's design direction, starting in 2007, was to produce a line of running shoes that had a more level platform, were lightweight with minimal upper overlays and offered an advanced patented technology focused on the forefoot and the whole foot rather than the heel. The combination of the Action/Reaction technology and a more streamlined platform offer the runner enhanced communication with the ground surface. The technology offers maximum impact protection, forward foot leverage and less EnergyNR loss when compared to traditional running shoes, and especially when compared minimal traditional footwear offerings. Newton Running was also the first running brand in the world to prompt runners to land in a more natural running position, or simply shorten the stride, to avoid excessive impact and braking of a runner's forward momentum — simply said, [we offer] greater running efficiency.

The combination of an advanced midsole technology that complements what the foot and body do naturally, with an awareness of efficient, impact-reducing running form, maximizes the runner's efficiency.

What is the significance behind the name of the company?
Newton Running is named after Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the Third Law of Motion, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," which aptly describes the principle behind Newton Running's Action/Reaction technology.

How do you think the running category has grown in the outdoor space?
The growth of running and the outdoor industry are highly correlated. The value that participants place on being active, healthy and fit are consistently seen across both categories. To address this further, we will introduce a new shoe later this year that is geared towards performance trail running.