SNEWS Qs: High-tech version of regular old frozen peas = FrozenPeaz

After a few injuries, one woman develops the high tech version of the go-to ice pack of frozen peas – FrozenPeaz

If your mother was anything like ours, when you got hurt the first response was: “Ice it.” Usually with a package of peas or corn straight from the freezer.


We suspect MaryCarol Dolivier had a similar upbringing. Dolivier developed a product called FrozenPeaz following two key experiences: First, she fell down some stairs in 2009, and second, she got hurt training for the Chicago Marathon. In both cases, she found her remedy in the frozen vegetable section rather than at the drugstore.

“I asked myself, ‘Why hasn’t anyone made something better?’” she said. So she developed FrozenPeaz, a hot and cold therapy pack that won’t break down as quickly as gel or glycerin-based beads.

It stays cold or hot longer than other packs on the market, Dolivier claims, and is as easy to use as the go-to bag of frozen peas. The VirtualPeaz feature a Clear Ice Solution that is 100 percent natural, non-petroleum-based alternative to glycol and glycerin gels. Plus, it provides a pill- and chemical-free way to relieve pain.

Tell our readers about your company.
FrozenPeaz is a new and innovative hot and cold therapy pack. A leading neurosurgeon from Chicago commented that FrozenPeaz is the next evolution in hot and cold therapy.

What makes your product different from others on the market?
The VirtualPeaz make the difference! Unlike gel- or glycerin-based beads, VirtualPeaz won't break down with microwaving or with repeat use. And FrozenPeaz stay colder — and hotter — longer than traditional gel packs.

What's the significance behind the company name?
Everybody knows what you do with a bag of frozen peas. You either eat them or you put them on an injury.

Who is your target end-user?
FrozenPeaz are high-performance hot and cold therapy products that may help relieve everything from everyday aches or pains to serious injuries.

What was the inspiration behind inventing FrozenPeaz?
The sad truth is that I am somewhat accident-prone. On this particular occasion, I was leaving work one night and decided to take a shortcut down the side stairs. When the heel of my shoe got caught in the staircase, I reached the bottom a little faster than intended, and face-first.

I needed a cold pack to relieve the pain and to help keep the swelling down. I went to the freezer and was confronted with the usual suspects: a gel pack (too stiff), ice (messy and uncomfortable) or a bag of frozen vegetables. I followed the advice of many medical professionals and chose frozen peas because of their unique ability to conform to my injuries. After throwing away yet another mushy bag of peas, the light bulb came on. I thought to myself, there has to be a way to combine the conformability of peas with added benefits of existing hot and cold therapy packs. Now there is: FrozenPeaz.

Since then, my business partner, Arthur Blackwood, and I have been working to change what could have been a life-changing fall into a life-changing business.

For all the visual effects of my trip down the stairs watch the video!