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Hone your sales skills with our free online Retail College courses.

Specialty, brick-and-mortar retail plays a crucial role in the success of the outdoor industry and provides the unique, in-store experience customers want and can’t find online or at the big boxes. But unless your employees are well trained—on properly engaging with customers, understanding the latest gear, and how to creatively set up a store for max sales—you’re already behind.

Welcome to SNEWS’ Retail College Series, aimed at educating retail employees and, ultimately, boosting sales. Designed for retailers and taught by retailers, these educational courses will provide you and your staff with the knowledge to enhance your customers’ experience and sell more gear. Whether you’re a seasoned vet looking to hone your skills or a newbie who’s drinking from the fire hose, our FREE, online, interactive courses will have you selling like a pro in no time. Enroll now.