This new FREE course will empower retailers with the tools and knowledge to sell more travel underwear.

Virtually every customer who walks in your shop is a potential buyer of travel underwear. Technical undies are an easy upsell item for any camper, hiker, runner, skier, cyclist, or traveler. Our free course will help any sales associate—seasoned veterans or fresh new hires—lock in more sales in the travel underwear category.

We partnered with apparel buyer Marc Pearson of Idaho Mountain Touring to bring you floor-proven insights and techniques to guide customers towards technical travel underwear that’s right for them.

In a special video lesson, retail rock star Malcolm Daly breaks down the category and offers his hard-won lessons.

You’ll also learn:

  • The features and benefits of synthetic versus wool versus cotton
  • The pros and cons of different cuts and styles
  • Merchandising tips and tricks to add interest to your undies display
  • The right questions to ask customers in order to steer them to the right product
  • How to handle customers embarrassed to talk about unmentionables
  • And more!

All our courses are FREE to qualified retailers. They’re quick and easy to take on any mobile device (and a great way to hone your skills during slow times in the shop). Enroll here and start selling more travel undies today!

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