Nobody wants to be bothered by mosquitoes, flies, no-see-ums, or any other bug while trying to enjoy nature. But more and more people are steering clear of chemical bug repellents like DEET. That’s why bug-repellent clothing can be a great alternative for consumers looking to stay bug-free without the on-skin chemicals. With SNEWS’ Retail College: How to Sell Bug-Repellent Clothing online course, sales associates will dive into different types of applications, how to speak intelligently on the subject, and how to close the sale.

To create this course, we partnered with Darren Bush of Rutabaga Paddlesports. With his expert input, we’ve developed a course full of actionable tips and tricks that you can start implementing immediately in your store’s apparel department.

In a special video lesson, retail rock star Malcolm Daly reminisces about battling bugs and drops some tips on how to steer your customers to bug-treated apparel.

You'll also learn:

  • How to engage your customer and ask the right questions
  • How to grasp the value of bug-repellent clothing
  • The basics of materials, fabrics, and tech
  • Understanding and distinguishing different styles
  • How to care for bug-repellent clothing

All our courses are FREE to qualified retailers. They’re quick and easy to take on any mobile device (and a great way to hone your skills during slow times in the shop).

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