Retail College: Sell more portable power products

This new FREE course is one of 12 Retail College installments we're rolling out to educate retail employees on the latest tips and tricks to boost sales.
UCO Pika portable power and light

From batteries to solar chargers--and anything that runs on power--our new Retail College course will help you sell more electronics in your store.

Following the launch of our "Boost Your Sales: Footwear" course last year, we're rolling out 12 more Retail College classes over the next several months to help outdoor specialty retailers boost their sales in numerous categories. 

We know that you have other training tools at your disposal, but what’s unique about our courses is that they’re designed for retailers and taught by retailers. And they're 100 percent FREE to qualified retailers and retail employees. These courses are aimed at educating employees on the latest gear tech and most proven sales techniques, whether you’re a seasoned vet or brand new to world of outdoor retail.

We've partnered with a successful outdoor specialty shop to create each course, relying on their expert knowledge on how to sell. We've also tapped seasoned sales veteran, Malcolm Daly, to create a series of informative videos in which he offers his insights from the sales floor and lessons learned.

Right now, you can access the "How to Sell Portable Power" course, where retailers will learn how to create a display, understand solar panels and different battery storage sizes, engage with different kinds of customers, and close more sales. Enroll here

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of additional courses we’re planning for 2020. 

Here's are some of the other Retail College courses you can expect to see soon:

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How to Sell Sports Bras (launch date 12/16/19)

How to Sell Insulation

How to Sell Tech Tees

How to Sell Sun Clothing

How to Sell Bug Clothing

How to Sell Water Treatment

How to Sell Trekking Poles

How to Sell Water Bottles

How to Sell Sleeping Bags

If you're a brand interested in sponsoring a course, please reach out to Casey Vandenoever at



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