5-second poll | Where do YOU want Outdoor Retailer to move?

5-second poll: Where do YOU want Outdoor Retailer to move?

We all know Outdoor Retailer is leaving Utah. Where would you like to see it move?

Photo: Carlo Nassise/Outdoor Retailer

Photo: Carlo Nassise/Outdoor Retailer

Since Outdoor Retailer announced its departure from long-time home in Salt Lake City and opened up the RFP process, cities and states around the country have been clambering for a chance to host our $40-50 million per year trade show. (A group of Coloradans even took out an ad in the Denver Post to drum up support.) Of course, many of these cities are ill-equipped to accommodate a show of our size, but that hasn't stopped them from trying.

There are lots of factors to consider, for sure, and we don't envy Outdoor Retailer having to make this decision. But we wanted to get a sense of where the popular vote lies.

Take our 5-second poll and immediately see the results on where the people of the industry stand. If you don't see your location of choice listed here, please type it in the comments section.



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