5-second poll | Who's going to Capitol Summit? Now, more than ever, you should.

5-second poll: Who's going to Capitol Summit? Now, more than ever, you should.

The Trump administration needs to hear the collective voice of the outdoor industry at Capitol Summit on April 25-26.

Capitol Summit

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Now more than ever, our industry needs to come together as a force to protect wild places. The two-day Capitol Summit is open to all in the industry, and provides you with the opportunity to meet with federal elected officials face to face, hear from key players in the administration, and make our concerns heard. Plus, it's just plain fun, and you get to see people from our industry all dressed up.

SNEWS will be there. Please join us. Take our 5-second poll and please type your name and company in the comment section so others can get inspired from your support.

Register here.



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