Big news from Outdoor Retailer


Substantial changes to Outdoor Retailer will be announced soon

 Photo by Carlo Nassise/Outdoor Retailer

Photo by Carlo Nassise/Outdoor Retailer

If you happened to be at OIA Rendezvous this week, you may have heard board chair Gordon Seabury say in his closing remarks that big changes to the Outdoor Retailer show are imminent.

"We’re going to continue to work with Emerald and try to figure out the best solution for our trade show cycle," Seabury said Wednesday. "As you heard me kind of hint at the breakfast at Outdoor Retailer, we’re moments away from some announcements that I think are going to be really exciting, and are going to address some of the issues that we face in terms of our current trade show cycle."

SNEWS can confirm that there are indeed big changes on the way.

We reported this spring that OR was in the midst of an exhaustive two-part market research project to gauge the needs of its constituents and they have since been collaborating with all the other industry show leaders to develop a cohesive master trade show plan.

As of today, no details have been announced, but SNEWS will have the complete story as soon as firm decisions are made and details become available.