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Outdoor Reads: Expedition Denali commences; Girl Scouts cut back on camping

Check out some pictures from Expedition Denali's departure plus read about Girl Scouts cutting back on camping due to lack of funds.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • A lot of people talk diversity, but it’s merely lip service until something is actually done. The all-African-American team of Expedition Denali is doing what they can to get people of diverse backgrounds interested in outdoor pursuits with their attempt to summit Denali. Freelance journalist James Mills of the Joy Trip Project is covering the expedition, and has a series of pictures from the departure here.
  • It’s not rocket science — it’s sock science and it comes pretty close, apparently. Several outdoor companies, including Darn Tough Vermont, Dahlgren, Point 6, Smartwool, Fox River and Teko, got some love in this Wall Street Journal story.
  • Sometimes it takes a human connection to spark an interest in a new activity. For a lot of people, the gateway person to the outdoor world is a guide, according to this National Geographic Adventure blog post. The post encourages folks to support under-funded public land agencies, as they are the hope for outfitters and guides who get people interested in the activities we love.
  • Some members of the SNEWS team have yet to climb a 14er (gasp!). But this summer, we’re going to change that — we can feel it in our bones. So we were happy to pick up a copy of 5280 at Safeway the other day and find tips and tricks for first-timers. We found the web version of the story to share with you, dear readers. We’ve decided Bierstadt is the one. Any tips?
  • SNEWS wants to know what our paddling friends have to say about National Park Services rules that ban paddle sports on rivers at Grand Teton and Yellowstone. A new organization, the American Packrafting Association, is working to get the National Park Service to allow paddle sports on hard-to-read streams, but representatives say paddling has a negative impact on water quality. What are your thoughts? Read more in this story.
  • With trail running becoming ever more popular, some of your customers may be road runners looking to make a change. We recently read this helpful story on Competitor’s website. It gives tips to help prepare someone for trail running and avoid injuries. Working on ankle stability is key.
  • Since it’s summer, those same folks might need tips on how to stay cool during their hot runs. Runner’s World has their backs with this helpful article about running near water, in cool conditions and hydrating properly before, during and after activities. This doesn’t just apply to runners, but all your customers who will be getting outdoors during hot weather.
  • Being an outdoor retailer is not for the faint of heart, this article on Blacks Retail says. The story gives you tips such as maintaining excellent analytics, training your staff and becoming a master negotiator.
  • It’s a shame that just as we’re trying to increase youth participation in the outdoors, some front-line organizations are cutting back. We recently read this Tribune-Review story about Girl Scout camping experiences declining because the organization didn’t have the money to maintain its camps.

What interesting things did you read this week? Email them to us because we want to read them, too!