Outdoor Reads: Jimmy Chin ties the knot; brush up on running etiquette

Check out this week's reads for Jimmy Chin's wedding announcement and for an article on the 10 commandments of running etiquette.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • There’s nothing that makes us want to kick a perfect stranger in the shins more than when we nod to a fellow runner on the trail only to be ignored. OK. Maybe we don’t want to take it that violently far, but it’s annoying none the less. Turns out those not-so-friendly runners are actually breaking one of the Guardian’s Running Etiquette 10 Commandments. Check out the story to find out what the other nine are.
  • Don’t accuse the head Mountain Diva at Verde PR and Consulting of tooting her own horn even though she was recently the subject of the Mountain Diva blog’s Q&A sessions regarding her recent awesome first-place age group finish at the Iron Horse Classic. Read the Q&A with Carpenter-Ogden for her tale of athletic prowess, how she juggles it with family life and how she incorporates the lessons in business.
  • Surprise, surprise; there’s a split between purist outdoors people and glampers who want all the amenities of home in the wilderness. CNN is even including the issue in its “Escape Debate” series that examines what issues divide travelers. Check out this Central Virginia CBS affiliate story on what distinguishes “purists” from the rest and why retailers don’t really mind – hint: both groups need gear.
  • We don’t know how many of your consumers are actually planning to go to the United Arab Emirates to go desert camping, but in case you have a few check out this story on Emirates 24/7 that outlines some new rules in Dubai for campers.
  • Face it: A lot of us connect with nature to relieve stress and get away from our crazy daily lives. Turns out we’re not the only ones. This Nanaimo News Bulletin column talks about how camping and connecting to the outdoors is a perfect way to relieve work week stresses.
  • The benefits of getting kids outdoors is essential to having your kids become healthy adults according to this Times of India story. In addition to providing a future for the outdoor industry, getting kids involved in outdoors activities teaches them how to cooperate, be resilient, overcome challenges and have better concentration power.
  • The North Face Professional Climber Jimmy Chin will tie the knot this weekend to sweetheart Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, according to their wedding announcement in the New York Times. Chin and Vasarhelyi will be married at the Amangani Resort in Jackson, Wyo. Chin has been on The North Face Athlete team for 11 years.
  • There seems to be an increased interest among consumers lately to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. We’re seeing this through manufacturers labeling their clothing with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) ratings and sunscreen companies having to conform to new FDA labeling rules so consumers understand that sunscreen’s UVA protection might be weak compared to its UVB protection. Check out this New York Times Wellness Blog post for the details.

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