Outdoor Reads: Lessons from ‘snurfing’; plus, spread the warmth

Find out what interesting things the SNEWS team read this week.
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What did you read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • Innovation is a word we hear a thousand times a day, especially during pre-Outdoor Retailer interviews. But who is all this innovation for? Read this Forbes feature story on the inspiration behind “snurfing,” or snow surfing. The story includes a message to product designers everywhere: Design with one or two people in mind, and you’ll make a great product.
  • Avalanche airbag packs, beacons, backcountry skis — their increased availability signals the rise of backcountry snowboarding and skiing, and we’re starting to see articles like this X Games one about the topic.
  • Speaking of the backcountry, now is prime time for folks looking for backcountry camping gear. This article has tips on what to recommend to keep new and returning customers happy, healthy, comfortable and well-fed on winter adventures.
  • We all know the tale of the Andes survivors depicted in the 1993 movie “Alive.” But the thought of eating a person when in dire, life-threatening situations is more acceptable than the thought of eating a dog. At least that’s the lesson we learned from this Slate article about a starving man catching flack for eating his furry friend. Don’t mess with the mortality of dogs — Pearl Izumi learned this the hard way. Man's best friend, indeed.
  • This story might illustrate just why it might not be cool to eat your dog when you’re in a potentially fatal bind: She could save your life. Juneau the dog saved her owner after he was paralyzed in a ski accident by digging him out and laying on top of him to keep him warm until help arrived.
  • All this talk about the generational shift that’s happening in the outdoor industry is finally turning into reality. We recently read this feature story on the young founders of Woosah Outfitters, a nature-based clothing line based in Grand Rapids. The pair, Brooke Ruble, 25, and Erica Lang, 22, discuss the challenges of starting their business and why Woosah means being present in nature.
  • How is the United States going to stay on top of the snowboard and ski game? This feature story said the new chief operating officer of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, Tiger Shaw, would do everything to ensure that happens when he takes the reins after the Sochi Olympics.
  • This story might be interesting for our weather-dependent industry: Apparently 2013 is likely to finish off as one of the hottest years on record with massive weather extremes and storms. Find out what that means in terms of future predictions and damage done.
  • We love our home state of Colorado, so naturally we love skiing and snowboarding. Not because we’re particularly good at either one, but because according to this 9News story, the activities boost our state’s economy. We will no longer complain about I-70 traffic to and from the mountains as it means money in our state’s pocket.
  • As the cold season draws near, and your closets fill with coat samples that you’ve tested on one or two occasions but don’t wear anymore, maybe it’s time to think of giving back. There are tons of coat drives going on around the country, just check your local news stations to find out where. We stumbled upon a few promotional stories like this one for New York Cares Coat Drive and this other announcing Coats for Colorado.

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