Outdoor Reads: What does it take to make it the outdoor industry?

Find out what it takes to make it in the outdoor industry and read about the latest environmental problems humans are causing.

What did the SNEWS team learn this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out.

  • With gas prices jumping nearly 40 cents this week, more people are peddling to the office. But one question remains: Does your bike match your persona? If you don’t know, check out this Made Man post to find out if the perfect bike for you is a hard-core mountain style or something sleek.
  • Awesome women love to read about other awesome women. And as you know, the SNEWS team is made up of some awesome women and one awesome dude — so naturally we were excited to find this Q&A with CamelBak’s CEO Sally McCoy on the Mountain Diva. Our friend Kelly Blake had the pleasure of interviewing McCoy about her career, what female leaders need to succeed and hot topics in the industry.
  • Fly-fishing is hot right now. There’s even going to be a Fly-Fishing Zone at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Since we like to keep up with trends in the industry, we’ve been researching the sport and found this story in Field & Stream about why fisherfolks should add Alaska to their “Top Places to Fish” bucket list. Apparently, it will change your life.
  • Sometimes people have a desire to get outdoors, but have no idea where to start. As with any hobby and eventually great passion, taking small steps is a good beginning. If you’re a retailer in the Bay Area, you could share this Soul of the Bay post about the 25 best things to do at Oakland’s Lake Merritt.
  • It seems like humans are the problem when it comes to a lot of environmental issues. This Active Times story notes that the color of snow is changing around the globe, with potentially detrimental effect in industries from farming to skiing, as it impacts the snow pack.
  • Some of us — OK, MOST of us — can’t ski like Candide Thovex. So when we want to know what it’s like to tear down the hill, we turn to YouTube and GoPro. This video of Thovex skiing at his home resort recently went up on Freeskier’s website. It might make you a little dizzy, but you can get your thrills while sitting at your desk.
  • The industry has been mourning famed climber Layton Kor since he died in April. Friends of Kor always said that if he’d been given a dollar for every time a climber repeated one of his routes he’d have been a wealthy man. But he wasn’t. So his family is turning to the industry that loved him to help with funeral and medical expenses. Click here to help.
  • Feel like boycotting GM foods? There’s an app for that. Chances are a lot of you, dear readers, are not fans of genetically modified food. This Forbes story tells us that there’s an app — Buycott — to find out if the stuff you’re buying at the grocery store has genetically modified ingredients or is produced by corporate giants like Koch industries, so you can decide whether you want it or not.
  • One of our favorite treats is plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of natural honey. We’re onto something, according to this Kate’s Real Food blog post. Except we need to incorporate raw honey instead, as raw honey has super powers like providing seasonal allergy relief, building immunity and promoting digestive health.
  • Maybe the best way to get youngsters outdoors is to promise them limited responsibility, a chance for a summer romance and the opportunity to make lifelong bonds. That’s what you get when you become a camp counselor, according to this Outdoor Nation blog post.

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