Outdoor Reads: Tragedy near Nanga Parbat; violence on Everest

Sad news in this week's reads, including news of a massacre near Nanga Parbat in Northern Pakistan and violence between Sherpas and Western climbers o

What did the SNEWS team learn this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • Until recently climbers and trekkers considered the area in northern Pakistan near Nanga Parbat, the world’s ninth-highest mountain, to be relatively safe. But 11 people were massacred near base camp by a group of militants dressed in police uniforms. The attack took place on June 23. For more information, check out this Climbing Magazine story.
  • Let’s move on to more positive things — like suffering. By suffering, we mean suffering for the love of a tough sport: ultrarunning. This Elevation Outdoors story tells the tale of the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run, held in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Participants run to the top of a 14er and spend nearly two days on the course. Plus, they get to see a lot of crazy things, including human bones. Intrigued? We thought so. Check it out.
  • With July 4 coming up, many of us are planning to brave overcrowded campgrounds for some family fun. What makes battling for the good camping spots worth the hassle? Besides the memories we’ll make singing the blues around the campfire, perhaps the answer is the opportunity do some glamping. We’re intrigued by Nathan Borchelt’s Gear Institute list, and might have to make a trip to our local specialty retailer for a few items — including the cooler fit for a small apartment dweller.
  • Last week we told you that our beloved Red Rocks made a list of top outdoor concert venues in the country. Since it’s the height of music festival season, your customers should know which tents are best for camping out near the venue. Find Active Junky's list here.
  • With skin cancer affecting so many people, consumers are concerned about protecting themselves. They're buying products like UPF-rated, sun-protective clothing and slathering themselves in broad-spectrum sunscreen. This story from Prevention reported that even when melanoma occurs and a mole is removed, a person remains at risk from recurrence. What to do? The story notes that there's a vaccine in development to protect against the recurrence of melanoma.
  • We already know women control a majority of spending, but just what are they spending their hard-earned cash on? According to this Women’s Running story, they're spending money on race and event fees and active apparel — 8 out of 10 of them spent more than $100 annually on apparel alone. Of those, the majority of the women, who were polled in the Women’s National Runner Survey, said they spent $500 or more on running apparel per year.
  • Since outdoor recreation hit its highest levels in six years (according to the latest figures from the Outdoor Foundation), it’s pretty smart of the State of New York to put more money into outdoor recreation facilities. This Adirondack Daily Enterprise story said the state will pour $17 million into outdoor projects, including those that facilitate access to lands along the Hudson River.
  • We’ve often wondered about whitewater rafting, though we haven’t stored up enough courage to actually do it. But after reading this post in The Big Outside about a friends-and-family whitewater rafting trip on Oregon’s Wallowa and Grand Ronde Rivers, we might give it a go. Soon. Check out the piece, as it includes some first-timer drama (a rafter even shouts, “Get me out!” at one point), tips on who should attempt these rivers and when the peak season for doing so is.
  • With Outdoor Retailer Summer Market coming up, there’s about to be a lot of pitching of decision-makers. We read this little piece in Inc. Magazine about how to successfully meet with those folks in a strategic way that could lead to a sale or whatever your desired income might be. Tips include setting reasonable goals, not repeating yourself and not anticipating objections.

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