Industry Buzz: VF's sourcing maps, Fat Bear Week, Perception Kayaks, recalled axes, and more

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  • Consumers can now trace back the supply chain footprint for 10 of VF Corporation's most iconic products, such as The North Face Women's Denali 2 Jacket. The company launched sourcing maps on its sustainability website, with instructions and color-coded legends. Take a spin.
  • Fat Bear Week: At Alaska's Katmai National Park, competition is heating up between the bears. Katmai identified 12 contenders for a bracket-style competition that ends with the finals tomorrow. Vote for the fattest bear on Katmai's Facebook page.
  • After more than a decade of work, Hawaii officials have mapped out the land owned by the state and who pays to use it in a new statewide public online database, the Associated Press reported.
  • Perception Kayaks announced today that it won the bronze 2018 IDEA award for the versatile Perception Hi Life model, which features a sit-on-top design or can be paddled like a kayak or a
  • Flying axes: Nearly a quarter-million Ozark Trail camp axes sold at Walmart were recalled after the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that the head can detach from the handle. In two reported cases, customers received "minor cuts and abrasions."
  • And finally, cute dogs alert: Trespaws, maker of performance dog accessories, is looking for five dog models to become part of the brand's ambassador program.