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  • ALLIED Feather & Down is introducing an updated TrackMyDown website, a transparency and educational tool that uses a hangtag and "lot number" at point of sale to provide apparel and sleeping bag shoppers information on the down in products. Historically, down has been considered a generic ingredient with little to no thought put into what it actually is, where it comes from or how to care for it. TrackMyDown now communicates all of this information and more.
  • Direct Alpine, now available for sale in North America, is enlisting athlete ambassadors to represent the brand, in return for free gear and commission. If you're interested, apply here.
  • BioLite, an innovator in off-grid energy solutions, hired Waypoint Outdoor as its exclusive nationwide master sales representative group for the US Outdoor Wholesale Market.
  • Outside Magazine announced yesterday the launch of OUTSIDE in France. The new edition joins the brand’s diverse international lineup: Outside Chile, established in 2015 and Outside Sweden, Outside China and Go Outside Brazil, which have been in place for a decade or more. “OUTSIDE is the first publication of its kind in France,” said Anne Mollo-Christensen, EVP/Chief Digital and Strategy Officer, OUTSIDE. “We are particularly pleased to continue the global expansion of the brand and introduce OUTSIDE to a region where high-quality outdoor media was not previously accessible."