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  • Awards for outdoor creatives: ROAM, a Boulder-based online community for adventure creatives, is honoring the very best outdoor and adventure photographs, short films, and essays from around the world. The ROAM Awards ceremony takes place on Dec. 5 at the Boulder Theater.
  • Big news: Adventure 16, a premier specialty outdoor retailer in Southern California, has closed for good after nearly 60 years in business.
  • Goodbye, plastic: Condé Nast just became the first media company to sign the UN Fashion for Global Climate Action Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and do away with plastic magazine packaging.
  • Listen: On 1% for the Planet's latest podcast, Jeremy Jones discusses his background and how it fostered a passion for protecting the planet, his frustrations with people and brands who don't give back, and how humanity can survive the oncoming climate crisis.
  • Skis to-go: Crested Butte-based Romp just added a stock ski option for skiers who want a handmade ski without the custom-built price tag. "We love providing a personalized custom experience for those who want it,” said Caleb Weinberg, co-founder of Romp, “but now our customers can easily order a pair of skis online and have them within just a few days.”
  • Rangers as border patrol: President Trump has ordered National Park rangers to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border and arrest anyone illegally immigrating or trafficking drugs. This is expected to continue through September 2020. 
  • A new climate champion: Salesforce pledged $17 million in grants and one million in employee volunteer hours over the next year to go toward climate efforts.
  • Cusa Tea has broadened its global footprint through a nationwide partnership with Vitamin Shoppe, launched its first-ever, caffeine-free herbal tea line, and added a key executive in the company’s expanding sales department. Beata Pabian recently joined as VP of Sales.