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  • Backcountry update: Following the backlash the online retailer faced, the CEO decided to take action. Is what he's doing enough to regain the trust of customers and partners? In a poll posted Tuesday, 45 percent of voters said Backcountry is dead to them, 25 percent said what they did was just business, 17 percent said they haven't done enough, and 15 percent said they're on the right track by accepting responsibility. 
  • Plastic Impact Alliance: More than 300 outdoor brands have joined the effort. In a story by Adventure Travel News, SNEWS Editor-in-chief Kristin Hostetter said "she’s hopeful that the plastics discussion will follow people wherever they go. 'Every day we’re faced with choices. Loose carrots or bagged ones? Glass milk bottles or plastic? If we start talking about issues as an industry, you can’t not take that home with you. As leaders of companies, you can’t not think about it.'”
  • Upcycling program: Skullcandy, the lifestyle audio brand, just announced a new upcycling program in collaboration with the green-forward electronics facility, Cali Resources. The brand is taking all returned or damaged Skullcandy products and refurbishing them to eliminate waste. As an added bonus, the duo will donate a portion of the proceeds generated from the upcycled products to Protect Our Winters, the leading climate advocacy group for the winter sports community.
  • Decathlon just keeps growing: The sporting goods retailer and brand is opening another storefront in the Bay Area. This store is in a building that was the original location of Seals Stadium, the first home of the San Francisco Giants. The store is also partnering with the Giants.