When the outdoor community found out that Backcountry had been filing petitions and lawsuits against other businesses over its trademark, a social media storm ensued. People demanded that they stop and apologize. Many urged the company to pay reparations. More than 21,000 people joined the Facebook group Boycott BackcountryDOTcom.

CEO Jonathan Nielsen first apologized in a letter on Nov. 6. Then he fired the law firm representing the brand. Now he's making personal calls and visits to some of the businesses on the receiving end of the company's legal action. But some say it's too late, remain skeptical, and believe it's not enough to fix the online retailer's reputation. 

If these sources are a reflection of the collective sentiment, people don't seem willing to forgive Backcountry for their behavior. But we know that social media favors the gripers and we want to get a real read on the outdoor industry's opinion. Where do you stand?


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